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Chrome browser has a critical security issue

Chrome Browser Has a Critical Security Issue

Chrome browser has a critical security issue Google failed to get in details however aforementioned it absolutely was aware that the protection issue was being exploited by hackers...

Meet T-RAT, a New Malware You Can Control Via Telegram

A new remote access trojan (RAT) advertisement has been circulating on Russian underground hacking forums recently, according to cybersecurity researchers. Named T-RAT, the new malware allows hackers...
Protect Your Privacy

How to Protect Your Privacy on Public Wifi Hotspots?

Public Wi-Fi hotspots are honeypots for hackers as they can access users' information without their realization. But unfortunately, people still prefer to use public Wi-Fi networks when...
Wordpress 5.5.1

WordPress releases version 5.5.1 to fix millions of websites

The 5.5 version broked millions of sites while 5.5.1 although prevented websites from crashing, does not actually fix the cause of this blackout WordPress released version 5.5.1 of...

40% of Android smartphones exposed of spying and data theft

Security researchers at Check Point have found a full 400 security issues in various parts of the code used by the digital signal processor (DSP) on Snapdragon...

Twitter suffers the biggest cyber attack in history

On Wednesday Twitter said that hackers have targeted the company employees by gaining access to internal tools and system by compromising some of the most popular Twitter...
iPhone Jailbreak

A new jailbreak works with all the latest iPhone models

An iPhone hacker team has released a new "jailbreak" tool that unlocks every iPhone and the latest models with iOS 13.5 Ever since Apple built a "wall" to...
Another 77 security releases on Intel processors

Another 77 security releases on Intel processors

Intel again warned the public in May that security flaws at the microarchitecture level of their processors enable hackers to evade security mechanisms and illegally access certain...
The solution costs only $3 and a half and can blur the fingerprint scanner. It can even be used to gain access to credit cards and banking applications.

Galaxy S10’s Ultrasonic Scanner Can be “Defeated” From a $3.5 Screen Protector

Samsung has started the work on the next revolutionary Galaxy S11 phone, but the company is already facing a major problem that millions of Galaxy S10 and...
Malware detected in the popular document scanning application on Android

Malware detected in the popular document scanning app on Android

A very popular document scanning application has been found to contain malware. CamSacnner has been downloaded over 100 million times by Android users. However, cybersecurity researchers at Kaspersky...
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