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How to Choose Various Dyson Products from ishopchangi Singapore

Do you love using Dyson products? If your answer to this inquiry is affirmative, then you need to know the best places to outsource such products. Whereas there are many outlets in Singapore, ishopchangi is taking over as the overall best. Experts advise you to shop here for a number of reasons. For instance, the shop will offer you free deliveries, reasonable costs, training where needed and other basic after-sale services. However, if you never bought from them before, it can be quite confusing. You’ll need to pay attention to a number of things before you go wrong. Here we will tell you the critical aspects and procedures to follow when buying from ishopchangi.

So how do you choose various Dyson products from ishopchangi Singapore?

1.Know What You Need

One of the things you should be keen on when choosing to buy Dyson products from ishopchangi Singapore is your needs. Your personal preferences play a very important role and you should not ignore this. For example, if you are purchasing a humidifier, you will come across various products from Dyson – but you won’t like them all. It is wise if you buy what you really like.
2.The Budget

Dyson products are not costly however they are not readily affordable to all. Ask yourself whether you can be able to pay for the products you need. Then consult from ishopchangi customer care desk to find out whether there are discounts, promotions and offers you can grab.

3.Consult their Customer Representative Desk

Ishopchangi has employed a friendly customer care desk. They will help you navigate through the purchase process so that you don’t encounter difficulties. Don’t do anything you are unsure of before consulting them.

The Bottom Line

Ishopchangi offers the best deals when it comes to selling and distributing the best Dyson products in Singapore. Why would you want to purchase elsewhere when ishopchangi will deliver your products and train you on how to use them? Consider them today and we bet you will love their deals and offers.

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Determining the cost of SEO in Singapore

Determining the cost of SEO in Singapore


Businesses of all sizes in Singapore are aware that their potential customers are using the internet, specifically search engines to find suppliers for the product or service they plan to purchase. Hence they realize that they should ensure that their business website should rank well in search engines for terms which are related to the business, its services, and products. Since most of these businesses lack the in house expertise to improve their search ranking, they plan to hire a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) agency to improve the search ranking. Before searching for an agency, they would like to find out the cost of SEO in Singapore.

Singapore Seo


Singapore businesses should be aware that the cost of SEO for their business website depends on a large number of factors, which are discussed below. One of the main factors is the industry sector and the level of competition. Another factor which is important is the number of keywords for which the business wishes to rank well. Usually businesses will prefer to work with other businesses of similar size. For similar services the SEO agency with a large number of well paid employees will usually charge more than a startup or SEO freelancer with few overheads.

Industry sector

For some mainly online businesses like web hosting and online shopping websites, it is very important to rank well in search engines, since almost all their sales will be online. There is usually more competition for these online businesses, and usually more effort is required to improve the ranking of the website. This results in higher cost of SEO for the business. In other cases, the business is mostly selling offline through retailers or other marketing partners, so online sales are not crucial. So for local seo, the cost is usually less compared to online businesses selling to customers worldwide.


Most SEO companies are pricing their seo packages based on the number of keywords which are relevant to the business website, for which the ranking has to be improved. For each keyword, the SEO agency will check the current ranking in search engines, and then formulate a suitable strategy for improving the ranking, including content. So if the number of keywords which are relevant to the business are less the cost of SEO will be less. In contrast if the business is selling a wide range of products and services, the SEO agency will charge for a keyword for each service/product, increasing the cost significantly.


Another factor which affects the cost is the results which are promised by the SEO agency. If the SEO agency is promising that the website will rank on the first page, it is very confident of the effectiveness of its SEO techniques and will charge more money. In other cases, the SEO agency will only specify what it will do to improve ranking, like technical seo, building backlinks, adding content, improving website design, for faster website loading. If the SEO agency does not guarantee first page ranking in search results, the pricing is usually lower.

5 Best Rooftop Bars In Singapore

Rooftop Bars In Singapore


If you’re done shopping and doing other touristy things in Singapore, then the best thing to do is to unwind. And you can do it in a rooftop bar in Singapore. Below are some of your best options in Singapore.


Ce La Vi (Singapore)

Ce La Vi is located on the 56th floor of the world-famous Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, at 200 meters above sea level. Because of its location, Ce La Vi offers some of the best rooftop views of Singapore. This is a trendy bar frequented by Singapore’s hippest and coolest people But you shouldn’t go to Ce la Vi just to party. You should try their food as well. They have tasty and exciting modern Asian dishes that will surely satisfy your gustatory cravings(which are known in Singapore). After dinner, you can simply lounge and enjoy the views while sipping one of their signature cocktails. DJs start spinning late at night and the party can go on until the wee hours of the morning.

Hotel Jen (Singapore)

Hotel Jen is located in the middle of Orchard Road, the famous shopping street in Singapore. Even if you’re not checked in at Hotel Jen, you can still visit their rooftop bar, which feels like an urban oasis with its tropical garden vibe. If Ce La Vi is the place to go if you want to party in Singapore, the rooftop bar in Hotel Jen is the perfect place for chilling and relaxation. The main attraction of the bar is its large and lovely infinity pool. The pool comes with a pool bar so you can enjoy your favorite drink while taking a dip.

Southbridge (Singapore)

Southbridge is perfect for people who are looking to have the best view of the Singapore River. It is located along the popular Boat Quay river walk. But even if there are dozens of bars in the area, Southbridge manages to stand above the rest with its excellent selection of wines and bubblies and signature cocktails. It is also an oyster bar and one of the best places in Singapore to have fresh oysters served in a variety of ways. Unlike other bras in the area, the vibe here is much more relaxing. The service is excellent as well as almost all places in Singapore.

Mr. Stork (Singapore)

Do you want to lounge in teepee huts while drinking a refreshing cocktail and having a 360-degree panoramic view of Singapore? Then you have to go to Mr. Stork, which is located on the 39thfloor of Andaz Singapore. The bar is located along the busy Bugi street but being 39 floors above street level makes you feel removed from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you’re not into cocktails, then you can order their signature Andaz Pale Ale. Their selection of bar bites is interesting too.

Smoke & Mirrors (Singapore)

At the top of the National Gallery Singapore is a stylish bar known as Smoke & Mirrors. The bat offers an amazing view of Esplanade Park, Padang playing field, and Marina Bay. The view from within is great as well because of the bar’s modern interiors. They have a wide selection of wines, cocktails, and tasty bar food.

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