Gear up for an unforgettable ride on your favorite Harley. A Harley Davidson is equally at home as a daily commuter or a long-distance riding machine. Check out these top five accessories, from jackets and gloves to Harley full face helmets, for a comfortable, stylish trip.

1. Leather Jacket

Every biker deserves a leather jacket. Modern riding jackets are comfortable, breathable and tailored to fit your riding position. Look for a jacket that fits like a glove and keeps you warm on windy, chilly rides. Consider a jacket that comes with a removable liner for year-round protection.

Your leather jacket is one of the most iconic, visible accessories, so invest in one that will last a lifetime. Take care of your jacket and it’ll last countless trips and gather memories. The best jackets are comfortable any time of year and just keep looking better as they age.

2. Riding Boots

Unlike your work boots, riding boots are designed with riding in mind. Rigid ankle support protections you on the road, and interior padding keeps you comfortable on long rides. Not all riding boots need to be tall and restrictive. Modern riders enjoy a range of boot heights and riding shoes for comfortable, flexible riding. Choose the footwear that matches your outfit, climate and style of riding.

3. Cruiser Gloves

After a few hours of wind whipping around your hands, you’ll quickly see why you need gloves for year-round riding. Look for a high-quality pair that balances insulation and flexibility. For summer rides, consider half gloves to keep your fingers nimble. Sub-zero style gloves are the ultimate protection for winter riding.

Gloves are about far more than insulation. Stray rocks and gravel can really tear up your hands when you’re venturing off the beaten path. Gloves, combined with your favorite riding jacket and pants, give you complete protection from stray debris and swinging branches.

4. Full Face Helmet

The best cruiser motorcycle helmets keep you comfortable and protected all year. Unlike a half helmet style, full face helmets protect you from noisy wind, cool breezes and scuffs and scrapes. If you take an unfortunate tumble on your Harley, you want to have maximum protection to stay safe.

Consider a helmet with removable interior padding. Long-distance riding really works up a sweat, and padding that isn’t removable can be difficult to clean at the end of a long trip. Look for a helmet that’s compatible with Bluetooth headset systems to communicate with your fellow riders and blast your favorite music.

5. Luggage

While short trips are possible with just the clothes on your back, you’ll need some luggage for a long-distance bike ride. Pack all your food, spare clothes and other road gear to adventure for days or weeks at a time. Saddlebags, backpacks and other bike luggage gear helps you make the most of your space and keep all your tools, gear and road snacks handy.

Shop for these top gear options or other Harley accessories today to enjoy a fully kitted out trip. Catch up on all the relevant info, like a thorough motorcycle helmet fitment guide, before purchasing the best gear for your long-distance trip or short commute.


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