What Is The Two Bucket Car Wash Method & Why Use It,

What Is The Two Bucket Car Wash Method & Why Use It

When the summer comes and you decide that it is time to take your vehicle out of the garage and do some work on it, the first thing you will probably think about doing is actually washing and cleaning it. Of course, this is not done only during the summer, but the truth is that you’ll probably devote much more attention to it while the weather is nice than you would while it is cold outside. This is because neither you nor your car will like the cold. Anyway, it is summer right now, so it’s time to give the vehicle a proper cleaning and you can learn more about how to do that if you’re not entirely sure. Now, if you are one of those people who think that cleaning and washing a car is easy and that there is certainly not much to it, then I have to get you prepared for one simple thing. Basically, if this is your mindset, then you should get ready to cause some damage to the bodywork. On the other hand, if you don’t quite feel happy about the idea of causing the mentioned damage, then the right thing to do is learn exactly how to wash your car the best way, i.e. which method to use to do it safely and efficiently.

In case you are now on the lookout for that method that can lead to safe and efficient washing, then I have a suggestion to make. To say it simply, you can go for the two-bucket car wash method, which is rather popular already. Given that it is so popular, there’s absolutely no doubt that you have heard about it already. The thing is, though, you might have heard about it, but you might not know exactly what it is and why you should use it. I can certainly understand if you are a bit confused about this specific method and if you are not entirely sure as to what it consists of and why you should use it when washing your vehicle. The truth is, though, that you need to get your facts straight on this if you want to have any kind of success when it comes to washing the vehicle safely and efficiently. And, the fact that you are here tells me that you are quite ready to do the learning and figure out precisely what this method consists of and why it might be perfect for your car.If you’re not even sure why washing it is important, this can help you understand: https://www.motorbiscuit.com/why-its-actually-important-to-wash-your-car/  

What Is The Two Bucket Method?

As mentioned above, there are two things that you might be wondering about when this method is mentioned. First, you’re wondering what it is, and that’s the question that we are going, to begin with here. After all, there would be no point in trying to explain why using this method is a good idea at all if you don’t even know what it is just yet. So, let us take it one question at a time and start with the most basic one right here.

The entire premise behind this method is pretty simple, and the name is sort of self-explanatory. The name hints at the fact that you’ll be using two buckets during the washing process, but there is a chance that you don’t really know how and why. Thus, let me give you a more thorough explanation about all of this, with the aim of helping you realize precisely what it is that those different buckets need to be used for. As you’ll see in a minute, it is all quite logical and there is nothing complicated about this method. It’s just that you might not be able to guess what we are talking about if you haven’t heard about it in the past. So, as explained, you will need to use two buckets. The first one is there to be filled with the wash solution. The second one is there to be filled with nothing but the water that you’ll use to rinse off the wash mill. It is all quite simple, isn’t it? As I’ve already said above, there is absolutely nothing complicated about this specific method, and I am sure that you now understand how it works.

If you are still wondering how you should be using those two buckets and the actual two bucket method, then let me give you a further explanation. I’ve mentioned above that the bucket filled with water will just be used to rinse off your wash mitt. So, for instance, if you happen to use your mitt to remove the dirt and the dust from your vehicle, you certainly won’t want the dirt to end up in the washing solution, which is why you will first use the bucket with water to rinse it off and make it clean once again, before dipping the mitt into the shampoo. It’s as simple as that.

Why Use It?

Since you have by now probably understood how this method works and how the entire process is performed using two buckets, it is time for us to proceed toward the next question. To put things simply, it is time for you to get a better understanding of why using this specific method is the right thing to do. So, let me provide you with the answer to that question right away, as it will help you figure out whether you want to use this specific method or not. I have already hinted at this a few times, but let me now give you a more thorough explanation. If you want to avoid causing damage to the bodywork of your vehicle and to the actual paint, you will need to wash and rinse your mitt every single time before dipping it into the shampoo and starting to rub it all over the vehicle. So, this method serves to reduce the amount of dirt accumulating on your wash mitt and thus reduce the risk of getting your vehicle damaged while cleaning it.

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