Most data crunchers know Power BI a product from Microsoft that is the most recent business intelligence tool that has interactive visualisation and supports self-service. The business analytics tool is cloud-based with an ability to monitor most of the critical business information from a live dashboard. Here are the few places you can learn about Power BI, making you utilize it adequately.

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  1. Power BI guided learning by Microsoft

Learning a product from the maker is very beneficial in comparison to the secondary learning you may get from other individuals. Here you will have a chance to start with the basics of Power BI all the way the complicated bits of the technology. And to make it better all such power BI training comes at no charge, something that makes Microsoft stand out in supporting its customers. With its resourceful tutorials, you can look forward to master Power BI in a matter of a few days and become a pro in using the tool.

  1. Blogs

Blogs are the new sources of the most recent development of any products such as Power BI. With blogs, you will get updates on the new features that get introduced into Power BI. Accessing blogs is free, and hence, you do not need to worry about spending extra cash for such crucial updates. All you need to do is ensure you go online and read through the blogs.

  1. Webinar

Microsoft will ones in a while organising webinars where there will teach you about the various new functionalities they have added to Power BI. The webinar comes with videos that will introduce you to the tool to the advanced stages of the device, a provision for individuals who want to master the instrument. You can expect to learn a lot from this webinars by on Power BI by Microsoft.

  1. Official Power BI Forums

Microsoft has developed forums for Power BI enthusiasts where it discusses various ideas about how to make Power BI a better business intelligence tool. Here you can look forward to learning more about Power BI and also ask questions that are of concern to you. Free resources about Power BI are also accessible in such forums giving you the privilege of learning everything about Power BI. You can consider becoming part of such Power BI communities.

  1. Free Course By Edx

The course is facilitated by the product team for Power BI in Microsoft and runs for six weeks. With its brief videos that give lectures on Power BI, in-depth quizzes and hands-on demo, you can expect to learn Power BI and master it quickly. The course covers every area of Power BI from working on the dashboard to preparing reports using Power BI desktop. You can therefore not afford this golden opportunity that is free.

  1. Course by Udemy

You can look forward to learning a lot in this course, which enables you to indulge in the various aspects of Power BI, helping you to learn every component of the tool. Upon registration, you can access the free course resources such as videos for tutorials, quizzes among many others that will give you a rigorous power BI training, making you a guru. You will learn Power BI gateway, PowerMap, Power Query, how to download various components of Power BI and much more.


You have no reason whatsoever why you should not learn about Power BI. All you need, you can get for free on various platforms. Consider learning about Power BI.


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