It is one of the most common mistakes which even expert drivers sometimes do. However, inserting the wrong fuel in your car will not only affect your journey, but it will also cause extensive damage to your car’s engine. Therefore, choosing the right type of fuel for your car is of utmost importance.

If you’re unfamiliar with the fuel type of the car, it’s always better to read the vehicle’s owner’s manual. However, if you’ve realized that you have made a mistake call mobile fuel rescue team as soon as possible.

What happens if you put Diesel in a Gas Car?

Both diesel and gasoline have different flash points and auto-ignition temperatures. As a result, the car won’t be able to process diesel fuel. The car will eventually use the remaining gasoline and will shut off when it goes out, leaving the diesel as it is in the tank.

Why it is a big deal?

Though every tank (diesel, petrol, and gas) has same-origin points and similar end-uses, all of them operate in a completely different way. The way they interact with the engine and fuel system as a whole is different in all three types of the fuel tank.

Apart from being a fuel source, diesel also acts as a lubricant. It not only provides the engine with fuel, but it also helps all the components between the fuel tank and engine firing run smoothly.

On the other hand, petrol is a solvent, the opposite of lubricant. This is why all the vehicles running on petrol must be topped up with engine oil for the smooth running of the parts.

Putting wrong fuel in the car can hamper its overall performance and it will also result in car breakdown as the petrol engine won’t be able to fire with the diesel fuel and diesel engine won’t get enough lubrication.

What should you do first?

Most of the people start panicking as soon as they realize they their mistake and take wrong decisions. The first thing you should be doing after you realize your error is turn off the engine. Because, if you turn on the ignition it will start damaging your engine rapidly. If you keep the engine off after adding the wrong type of fuel, the repairs will be limited to one part of the vehicle instead of the fuel pump system, engine, and the tank. You can then call for a mobile fuel rescue team to assist you with the problem.

Fix the problem on your own

Now that you have stopped panicking and have turned off the engine. What now? You can either wait for your mechanic to come or you can try to repair it yourself. However, you will still need help from other people. Let’s have a look at different ways to repair it.

  1. Mobile Drain: Search online for companies that can bring specially adapted vehicles to your location and call them. They have powerful pumps that can suck out the fuel and store them in different tanks mounted in the vehicle.
  2. Tow and Garage Drain: This is the best option if you’ve driven for a few minutes before realizing your mistake. Though costly, but you will reduce the damage of your car. The plus point in this method is that the garage will have all the required tools to repair your car.

You might need to replace the fuel filters as well as the fuel pump to ensure the proper functioning of the car in the long-term. In case your car isn’t running smoothly, try draining all of the fuel again. However, if you still feel the same it’s time to take your car to a pro-mechanics shop.

Final Thoughts

Staying calm is very important in these kinds of situations. You might start panicking about how you made this terrible mistake or what should you be doing, and doing something wrong might as well increase the damage. So it’s better to keep your engine off until a mechanic arrives. It’s better to read the vehicle’s owner’s manual if you’re not sure about the type of fuel the car uses. Make sure that you double-check the nozzle of the fuel before filling it.


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