World of Warcraft Shadowlands

During the Blizzcon 2019 event, Blizzard unveiled its eighth expansion for the game, titled Shadowlands, which covers the post-Battle for Azeroth period, Engadge reports.

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When it comes to gameplay, players will have five new zones available, and the game will have new levels of experience. The advancement from the first level to the tenth level has been fully reworked. Entering the Shadowlands is possible after level 50, where it can potentially be reached at level 60 (this system changes the old system, where players could upgrade to level 130).

For veterans who have already gone through the advancement process, Blizzard warns less “squabbling” and more options to play. At level 60, players can join the Covenant, where they gain new powers from the group they join.

The option of adapting the characters has also been modified. There will also be eight new dungeons while the first raid is configured for up to 10 players. The new Tower of the Damned is also offered – a casual dungeon gameplay experience.

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