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XMovies8 was an very popular website used by hundred of users to watch movies online for free. It offered the option to stream and download all the latest and most popular movies and TV Shows for free. So, if you are here, probably you are aware that XMovies8 was shut down due to copyright violations, so lets dig right in for the best XMovies8 alternatives or best similar sites like XMovies8 in 2020. If you are looking for the best options to stream movies at TV Shows online for free, like XMovies8, go through this article to explorer our best 10+ suggestion for 2020.

NOTE: If the given links are not working, please do a quick google search to find the latest working links to the given website!

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What is Xmovies8?

As the name suggest, Xmovies8 is focused of streaming Movies and TV shows online for free. It was very simple and easy to navigate through thanks to its simple UI (user interface). Not many of you may know, but before 2016, this site is used to be a leading website at the entertainment line. Xmovies8 is mostly know for it’s HD Movies and TV Shows and all needed was a good internet connection.

The website had offered a massive collection of video content and you will probably find any content you wanted. The only drawback may be that you have to face e few ads, but this is not a big deal as this keeps the owners to continue providing free streaming content. Its huge database will keep you engaged for weeks or even months of entrainment.

What happened with Xmovies8 and was it safe?

As most of the other free streaming services online, Xmovies8 did not have the right to stream copyrighted content. These websites are the target of the Government and get blocked by IPS is various countries where this type of streaming is prohibited. As of this reason, the website was unable to be accessed worldwide to many users. Xmovies8, like other websites, try to bypass this by changing its domain name frequently like, or, etc.

As for is safety, this website is targeted as an illegal streaming service, and as this it is not recommended to use it, or its best to use it by protecting your identity through a good VPN. Also these type of websites have ads that at may time can be very tricky and may lead to to download malware that can infect your system.

Xmovies8 Proxy 2020 | Proxy/Mirror Sites to unblock Xmovies8

XMovies8 proxy and mirror sites are clones to the main domain and host the entire content library of the main website but at a different domain name. For more these mirror sites uses the same user interface as the parent site and you can expect periodic updates. Depending an where you live, you may need to use an good VPN to avoid penalties from your Gouvernement, and we at neoAdviser we always recommend to you to use these mirrors/proxies that have a SSL certificate.

So below, there are some Xmovies8 proxy/mirror sites that are working fine at the time of writing this article and you can still use to have the same experience as at Xmovies8 website.


Xmovies8 Alternatives: Top 10+ Best Movie Streaming Sites Like Xmovies8 in 2020

So, knowing all of the above, let’s dig right into the top best Xmovies8 alternatives in 2020 that are available right away to use and stream Movies and TV Shows content online for free. Below we are going to share our selection of top 10+ best similar websites like Xmovies8 of 2020 in an random order.

#1. Yesmovies

Yes movies as a best alternative comes with a huge database, fewer ads and fast streaming speed which makes it a great alternative. The content is updated frequently and you will find movies from different genres and countries. The website comes with a friendly UI that makes it easy to navigate through content and find you favorite one. Yes!Movies if 100% free and maybe better than Xmovies8.

The video content shared is in good quality and you can choose form different genres and countries. Besides Hollywood movies ,it also offers content form other countries as well.

Yes!Movies Website:

YesMovies – Sites Like Xmovies8

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#2. CMoviesHD

CMovies is yet another great alternative to Xmovies8 but you will find many ads so an ad-blocker is recommended. On the other side the site is totally free to watch movies and it has a friendly UI. If you hover the mouse over a movie you will find many details related to that movie.

CMoviesHD is one of the best Movies and TV show provider website. Movie lovers can watch and discover latest movies and classic movies for free. Right at the homepage there are showcased all the latest popular movies that you can explore, or you can search for the classic ones also.

CMoviesHD website:

CMovies – Sites Like Xmovies8

#3. Movie Watcher

This is a place for all online cinema related needs. Movie Watcher hosts a large collection of Hollywood movies and TV Series to watch for free or download then. You can sort at search the movies by genres, name or release year to easily find your favorite one. You can find detailed info in the thumbnails even IMDb rating.

Movie Watcher packs all you need and besides the general info, the website also offers other information like actors, directors, country, duration, etc. of movies and TV Shows. It offers only the top content while being pretty easy to navigate through thank to is easy, simple user interface.

Movie Watcher Website:

Moviewatcher – Sites Like Xmovies8

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Jet another great XMovies8 alternative to stream Movies, TV Shows and other viral content for free. It has no ads which is the reason why this platform is so popular. The site packs a wide variety of TV Shows and movies in High quality to stream for free at any time. The discovery page is a great way to find new content for watching!

The database gets updated regularly with new content and you can discover movies through browsing between various categories. You can access Popcornflix form various platforms like Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, Xbox and all Android devices.

Popcornflix website:

Popcornflix – Sites Like Xmovies8

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#5. Putlocker

Putlocker provides hundreds of Movies and TV Shows Online with a huge database. This movie streaming site has become many popular in the recent years. You can stream movies in full screen and with a good quality which makes it a good alternative to Xmovies8.

Putlocker is in this game of the free movies streaming platforms for a long time now. Is one of the best and most popular streaming site available for every users around the world. Putlocker is fully free, no any sing up are required and has a very few to no ads, so you will have a great experience streaming movies. Also the movies comes in high-quality with some of then even in full HD 1080p.

Putlocker Website:

Putlocker – Sites Like Xmovies8

#6. SolarMovie

SolarMovie is yet one of the best XMovies8 alternatives. Since it simple interface, you can easily search and get your favorite movies and TV shows on the site and watch them in high quality. You will see all the latest and popular content on the home page.

Directly at SolarMovie website you will see which movies are trending, which have the best ratings and which have been viewed the most during the day. These features are what makes SolarMovie one of the most liked movies streaming services among others. If you like to create an account, then they will be some other features to you like make a list of your favorites, request movies, and other features. SolarMovie also provides all the details related to the movie like IMDB rating, description, keywords and more.

SolarMovie Website:

SolarMovie – Sites Like Xmovies8


Movie4k is yet another highly recommended free online web streaming website for movie lovers. Its very popular among users and offers all type of video contents. Like XMovies8, you will find all the latest and most popular movies with just a few clicks. You can watch movies from WebRip to full HD quality and also choose between different languages.

This site claims to offers the fasted streaming speed and you will find content in various languages. Website: – Sites Like Xmovies8

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#8. Vumoo

Vumoo is one of the best alternatives to XMovies8. The site offers a huge collection of video content including Movies and TV Shows that are free to stream online. It has a friendly UI which makes it easy to navigate through the content and find your favorites ones.

Vumoo is one of the most loved among the movie-fans. You can watch form movies to TV Shows on Vumoo at any time and you want miss anything cos the website gets updated frequently as soon as new movies are released.

Vumoo Website:

Vumoo – Sites Like Xmovies8

#9. 123movies

123Movies is one of the most popular online movies streaming sites. 123Movies hosts from movies and TV Shows, to cartoons, anime, and Asian dramas which makes it a really great alternative. The content is not hosted to the 123Movies website, but instead the content if available by third parties websites.

These features makes 123movies the next destination of movie lovers. Like XMovies8, if you favorite content is not available there, than you have the option to request it to its developers.

123Movies Website:

123Movies – Sites Like Xmovies8

#10. TinklePad

TinklePad is a new and fast growing movie streaming site with a large collection of the latest and most popular movies to watch for free. One great feature of TinklePad is that you can download movies to watch then online.

Tinklepad is the top website to find all the top-rated movies and high-quality content on the web at free of cost. The website has a simply user interface (UI) and has a loot of features. you can search you favorite content by different categories like recently added, latest HD movies, latest TV shows, popular movies, release year and more.

TinklePad Webiste:

TinklePad – Sites Like Xmovies8

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#11. SeeHD

SeeHD provides best high-quality movies so you can watch HD movies that makes it a great. The website offers only legal movies. SeeHD packs one of the largest database of movies collections on the internet to choose form. The site is straightforward to navigate through, the only drawback are some annoying ads at the top.

You will find excellent selections of movies including Bollywood ones.

SeeHD website:

SeeHD – Sites Like Xmovies8

#12. ProjectFreeTV

ProjectFreeTV allows you to watch free content online. The site is Dedicated to TV Shows and it provides links to most popular shows. The content is categorized by popularity and recently uploaded.The site does not host any content but it provides links to third-party sites tat stream the media.

Project Free TV is an well-developed and comes with an easily UI to watch your best TV Shows and movies online. This site is the most trending free online movie streaming site and it gets updated daily so you want miss your loved series.

ProjectFreeTV Website:

ProjectFreeTV – Sites Like Xmovies8

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So, here you have top 10+ best Xmovies8 alternatives in 2020 to use it today to stream Movies an TV Shows online for free. Hope you found this article useful! If you fave any other alternative to Xmovies8, or a similar website like Xmovies8 that you use daily, please let us know in the comment section below. Follow us on twitter and facebook for more news and updates.


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