Windows 10 update

Windows 10 users may have many different preferences but one thing they have in common: irritation with bad Windows 10 updates. But Microsoft has found a way to get back to you and your confidence despite doing so much to hate.

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#1. Stable driver updates

Driver updates are definitely one of Windows 10’s most frightening problems but that will change very quickly. Microsoft is quietly working to change the way Windows 10 drivers are updated. The company will apply a different process by selecting the most active devices from which it receives diagnostic information if things are going well.

Sending updates to this category of devices and users will take up to 8 days and during this period will be monitored and if they are functioning properly they will be sent to users and other devices over the next 30 days. While Microsoft has already applied a gradual update, this method is more intelligent because Microsoft tests then with a precise audience that delivers useful information rather than a wide range of devices.

#2. Windows 10 with a new look

To celebrate the achievement of the major goal of 1 billion users, Microsoft will bring a new view of the operating system that Windows and Devices division chief Panos Panay shared on Instagram. In short, the redesign brings smoother new colors, elimination of the “Live Tiles” icons and the new look of Windows File Explorer based on the Fluent design language.

In other words, we are dealing with the first major update in 5 years since the debut of the operating system. Finally, as Microsoft continues to offer Windows 10 for free silently, the user base will only grow while those 1 billion active users will be happier after the news.

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