Writing is one of the most popular professions in the modern society. It is a broad field where you can utilize your knowledge to create content for different clients. With the advent of internet technology, more opportunities for writers have emerged including freelance writing, blogging, social media content creation among others.  The competition is also stiff and as a beginner you have to stand out from the crowd to build a successful writing career. Whether you are a blogger or you write for an E Writing Service, there are some crucial tools of trade you need.

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This article explores the most important gadgets you need to get started as a writer and to grow your writing career.  Read on.

  1. Powerful Laptop

If you want to excel in writing, you have to move away from that good old computer and embrace the new world of laptops.  Every good writer needs a powerful portable laptop to deliver the best content from any location. A good laptop should have enough storage capacity, enough memory to support all media and guarantee quick research and other features that promote your writing.

An ultra-thin Chrome book or any other laptop that comes with built-in features and applications will go a long way in improving your writing.  With the best laptop, you can carry your work with you and of course you only need to connect to the internet from any location to start working.

  1. Smartphone

While your laptop has everything you need to stay in touch, a smartphone is crucial when on the move. You need to use apps including Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter among others to stay in touch and connect with your clients. Sometimes you have to check mail and using a laptop during a commute is not always the best idea. A good smartphone complements your laptop and keeps you up-to-date with everything around you.

  1. Noise Canceling Headphones

This might not be the first thing that comes to mind when looking for writing tools but it should. You see, sometimes you have to work from public places such as cafes and for you to focus, you need the best noise canceling headphones.

Image 1: Noise cancelling headphones
Image 1: Noise cancelling headphones

They are also idea at home to cancel noises from inside and outside and help you focus on your writing.  Whether it is the sound of your neighbor’s dog or passing traffic, these headphones will come in handy when learning the ropes of good writing.

A thesis submitted to the San Jose State University point that the time and effort taken to get back to work after a distraction affects productivity and goal achievement in a big way. While buying noise cancelling headphones might not be a priority, they could turn out to be the greatest asset for your writing career.

  1. LiveScribe pen

This is a futuristic gadget that many writers don’t realize they need until they use it. Now, how would you like a pen that digitally records what you write? Yes, that’s how amazing this cool gadget is and it is no wonder it is a top seller on all online marketplaces.

This pen not only records what you write digitally but also what you say.  It is perfect when you brainstorm or think out loud and can turn such thoughts into digital content. For this to work, you need to download the MyScribe software which translates your handwriting into text.   When doing research, you can use the LiveScribe pen to turn your notes into ideas. It is easier to arrange your writing ideas when in digital form and this makes your work easier.

  1. Standing Desk

When you start writing, you will most likely have problems with your back and neck. You have to sit for hours and this not only hurts your spine but also your neck. If you don’t maintain the right posture, there’s a huge risk of permanent damage to your body and this is where a standing desk comes in handy. If you have chosen writing as your profession, you need to protect your body by using a standing desk. The best of these desks can automatically shift from sitting desks to standing desks.

Starting as a writer might sound overwhelming but with the right tools, you can make the most out of it and build a reputation as a great content creator.

Author bio

Sebastian Miller is writer and content creator for https://myhomeworkdone.com/ and boasts over 20 years in the industry. Miller also mentors and motivates young writers joining the industry.

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