A documentary revealing La Liga secrets

The Spanish soccer championship is seen almost every season as a double race between Real Madrid and Barcelona to take the title, but there is far more than that.

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A documentary that will be released this month shows what happens in the backstage of the La Liga teams, pressures, discharges and results requests that sometimes reach the limit.

“6 Dreams” is called “Amazon” production and is the Spanish La Liga effort to show that Iberian football is more than two clubs. The footage recorded in many matches does not focus on football in the field, but on the reactions of presidents, agents and coaches to episodes that in the course of the season are decisive.

The first of six such series also shows the dismissal of Sevilla coach Eduardo Berizo, who left while receiving treatment from a serious illness. He attended the team without being fully recovered, but was fired before Christmas, just one of the dark sides that La Liga did not recognize.

In the first episode of the documentary, the focus is also on striker Williams, the first colored footballer in Athletic Bilbao, still suffering from racism even though he was born in the Basque city.

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