Automated Home Decor Tips

Smart gadgets are a must-have in today’s homes. They allow you to feel advanced comfort by performing the most routine tasks. Modern smart devices, on the other hand, frequently have exteriors that do not match the aesthetic of your home. Do you know what kind of décor to use to make them blend in? Smart home technology is becoming more integrated into people’s daily lives. In addition to convenience, they perplex their owners and make them wonder, “How to keep a home stylish while introducing solutions that do not fit the interior at all?”

It is especially true for telescopic lifting columns, which can be used in urban interior design but are not appropriate for a traditional classic one. Let’s take a look at some helpful hints that might come in handy in this situation.

Top 7 Smart Home Décor Tips To Try In 2022

Here are the most effective ways to make your home look pretty and functional without sacrificing a single ounce of style.

1. Make Your TV Retractable

TVs are an integral part of people’s homes. Their size increased and their weight decreased as technology advanced. On the other hand, the large modern plasma, with its rough design suspended on the wall, is unlikely to fit into the classic interior.

As a result, it is critical to find an alternative way to enjoy watching movies without jeopardizing the interior. One of the most popular solutions is the creation of a niche in the wall where the TV can be hidden if necessary. The screen can be closed by a piece of art or a picture. Another option is to create a niche in the decorative fireplace where the TV will move when you do not need it.

2. Control Centre Reorganization

Rather than installing dozens of monitors for each device, invest in a single large center from which you can monitor various indicators (safety, temperature, leak detection, etc.).

3. Invest In Multifunctional Gadgets

Complete home automation may necessitate the use of many devices. You are unlikely to be able to conceal all of them, especially if you prefer interior minimalism. As a result, try to invest in smart devices that can perform multiple functions at the same time. For example, the smart light, which is designed to notify you of missed calls and messages, can also be used as an alarm clock or timer.

4. Hide Wires

The majority of smart home components, such as a smart light bulb or smart socket, have a wireless connection function. Some of them, such as an electric standing desk, air conditioner, and washing machine, may still require wiring to gadgets and devices. To accommodate them as organically as possible in your interior, use small decorative elements that will hide all types of wires and make your home not only safe but also visually appealing.

5. Concealed Projector And Screen

Many people prefer to live without a TV. Instead, they install projectors and screens in their homes. This not only gives them the sensation of being in a mini-cinema, but it also allows them to fully enjoy their favorite show or series.

Because of their bulky size, these interior elements may look unappealing. This problem, however, is easily solved by the use of a pair of niches, where the projector and screen can be stored when not in use.

6. Invisible Speakers

Despite the fact that there are many audio systems and speakers on the market that are stylized as funny cartoon heroes, vases, decorative elements, etc., they can still look inappropriate for your interior. To enjoy watching a movie or listening to your favorite music without compromising your design, you can use the invisible speakers.

As a rule, they are mounted directly under the wallpaper, in the wall, or in the ceiling. It is unlikely that any of your guests will ever figure out where the speakers are hidden.

7. Hide It And Mask It

It is difficult to equip the house with cameras without violating the same interior style. Many companies have already developed camera skins that allow the tracking device to be disguised as a decorative element. If you do not have access to such shops, try to make masking by yourself.

With the advancement and improvement of technology, more companies are focusing on more than just the technical parameters of devices. Design is an important factor for them. In an age when visual content is in high demand, it is critical to make the device attractive, modern, and worthy of a place in your home.


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