Avatar 2
"Avatar 2" will continue filming in New Zealand

“Avatar 2” would resume next week

The production of the second Avatar movie will continue next week in New Zealand, as this country is releasing the restrictions imposed due to coronavirus, NME magazine reports. As residents will return to their jobs, even Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series will continue filming.

In early May, the government approved the resumption of film projects in New Zealand after reviewing health and safety protocols. A report in Deadline magazine said that some movies and TV shows were already continuing their work and that the shooting of “Avatar 2” would resume next week, which was confirmed by the film’s producer Jon Landau.

Sharing images of Instagram footage, Landau wrote, “The movie sets are ready, and we’re very excited to be back in New Zealand next week.”

Hundreds of movies and TV shows have suspended production due to coronavirus pandemics, including the new “The Batman” and the fourth season of the “Stranger Things” series.

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