Facebook brings Boomerang to the Messenger app
Facebook brings Boomerang to the Messenger app

Facebook has updated Messenger with new camera features before the holiday season. The Messenger’s own free app now has Boomerang support. It’s the effect of the video that became very famous on Instagram first and the company is now bringing it to Messenger.

There is another camera modality as well as stickers to past reality.

Adding Boomerang and Selfie mode means that there are now five camera modes in total on Facebook Messenger.

Facebook has added new holiday filters and has added the new reality of the app. This is a good addition to the holidays, as many users will use Facebook Messenger to keep in touch with their loved ones during the holidays.

All camera regimens are listed on a removable tape at the bottom when the camera is active in Messenger. Users can navigate through different camera modes – Boomerang, Normal, Video, Text and Selfie – to choose what they want to use.

Facebook says these new features will be available to most Messenger users globally starting today.

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