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Five Website Development Trends You Should Adopt in 2021

Five Website Development Trends You Should Adopt in 2021

There are 1.74 billion websites on the internet and businesses are competing hard and fast to stay at least on the first page of the google search engine. With the business growing exponentially and globally, one needs to be updated with the existing trends as well as adopt them practically. You can work hard to build your brand digitally however one trend in the market can overpower your whole digital existence and provide your competitor with a potential path to success if they are willing to adopt the trends.Logozila UK has fished out five major trends of 2021 that businesses should think about adapting in website development.

Progressive Web App Development:

Progressive web app development or PWAs has to be one of the most important trends in 2021. The smart concept behind the PWAs is that they act like native apps however are originally websites. Studies suggest that PWAs have a 36% higher conversion rate as compared to native apps. The main purpose of PWAs is to promote the mobile app experience across all devices including PCs and laptops where the web version is used. With the app-like functionality, PWAs are more interactive and responsive but without the necessity to download the actual app.PWAs would be a brilliant idea to target people who spend more time on computers and tablets rather than phones. Some of the successful examples of adapted PWAs include Pinterest, Starbucks, Twitter, Forbes, the Washington Post, Trivago, Lancome, Jumia, Facebook, and Ali express among others.So, it seems like major brands have adopted this advancement, however, in 2021 local businesses will be more inclined with the advancement for customer engagement and conversion rate.

Public Cloud Services:

Cloud computing or public cloud services are used for web and mobile applications for inherent scalability, hardware setup, hosting, maintenance as well as high availability. Cloud computing refers to the use of remote servers where you can store, manage and process data on the internet in place of the personal computer. The main purpose of cloud computing is to prevent data loss and overloading. The approach of replacing the regular servers with cloud computing would be revolutionary for web developments as it reduces cost as well as toughen up the entire web architecture. In 2021, the cloud market is expected to grow $306.9 billion with further advancements in technology. The most popular cloud computing servers currently used are Google Cloud Functions, Azure Functions, and AWS Lambda.

Voice Recognition Inclusion:

We all are familiar with the voice recognition technology used in our daily lives. So far the technology is used for on/ off the devices, make schedules and calls and ask general searches. However, the internet of things (IoT) is continuously leaving a mark in our day-to-day life gradually. The growing popularity of IoT suggests that by 2023 0.8 million voice assistants will be in use. The technology of voice research can be traced back to 1961 and although some improvements are required in the technology the results will greatly impact the methods of web developers. In the upcoming year, Voice E-commerce is expected to be the next big trend of the year. In the near future, the websites are expected to be built fully optimized to accommodate the voice search functionality across devices. Through voice E-commerce, an individual’s voice will be communicated to the processing bot which will generate further responses played for the customer. Voice Ecommerce will widely promote an engaging and hand-free online experience through collaborations with big giants such as Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple’s Siri. With Voice E-commerce all you will have to do is tell bots what you need and with the option you choose further, the order will be placed automatically.

Simple and Single Websites:

In 2020, while the Covid 19 triggered the instant importance of business digital business, it also promoted the use of single-page websites. The trend of simple single-page websites is likely to stay in 2021 as well due to its several benefits. Singular pages are easy to navigate on the computer as well as the phone devices. These pages cost less and are low maintenance. Since the quantity of the page is a bare minimum you can focus on the quality enhancing your business presence. Single pages websites minimize the page load, enhancing the speed and decrease the bounce rate. Single pages work great and are appealing when it comes to minimalistic designs. What needs to be considered is how you can pull off business information and functions/ services on one page. The page especially if e-commerce needs to be functional and efficient for the website and mobile devices.

Smarter Chatbots:

Smarter chatbots or as technically known as AI-powered chatbots are going to seize power in 2021. AI-powered chatbot refers to the smarter version of AI which works a combination of machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) to understand the intent of the human mind and provide a more human level natural communication. Since the AI-powered Robots can understand the words, they will work with broken sentences, misspellings, and other questions that may not be in the best grammar. The bots are being trained on data collected from a series of engagements with the users. Through the combination of speech recognition techniques and cognitive intelligence, the AI-powered bots are actually more reliable and concise than human support staff, understanding the context of the conversation. AI-Powered chatbots are gradually replacing server chatbots. Collaborating with voice research, the AI-powered chatbots can provide faster responses replacing the manual need of a business to answer customer inquiries. With AI-powered bots incorporated in the website, the user can have a quick answer to their inquiry through a human conversation rather than step by step navigation.

The Final Take:

The 2020 pandemic and the continuous innovations in technology influence consumer behavior and experience beyond expectations. The continuous development and competition in the market leave less margin for the web developers to skip out the trends. Along with dark UI themes and exemplary website security, trends such as PAWs, AI chatbots, Voice Ecommerce, single pages, and cloud computing are gradually making their way into professional website development services.Similar to how trends influence logo design prices in the UK, these trends will also cause some fluctuation in the prices. However, the long-term results would be impeccable as well.

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What do you need to know,

What do you need to know before you start your ethical hacking career

What do you need to know before you start your ethical hacking career

Before you kick off your career in any profession, you need to know certain things about it, for example, the salary you will make, the job roles you will get, and the scope of your work in the future. Youngsters today are seriously considering a career in cybersecurity because of the benefits it promises. However, before you set off on your CEH certification training i.e. the Certified Ethical Hacker training to become an ethical hacker, you must consider the following facts.


  • Ethical hackers do not just end up working for firms full-time, they can also make their living out of freelancing or bug bounty hunting. Organizations like Facebook and Google to name a few, post bug bounty challenges for hackers to find security flaws in their systems and get rewarded heavily in return.
  • The syllabus for ethical hacking changes regularly to incorporate the latest advancements of the field so that white hat hackers are always in the know of the current business threats and the evolving attack landscape of the cybersecurity world. When you enroll for an ethical hacking course online, make sure that it is the latest version of the course. Getting trained in an older version of an ethical hacking program defeats the purpose of ethical hacking altogether.
  • When you start learning ethical hacking, you will learn anything and everything related to the field and will get trained in different systems’ security. Later on in your career, you should focus on picking your specialization like cloud hacking or web app testing. You can even go for further education in offensive cybersecurity that is penetration testing.
  • Ethical hackers are loaded with the responsibility of identifying security issues in organizations. An ethical hacker basically does exactly what a malicious hacker would do but instead of exploiting their discovered vulnerabilities, he or she reports them to the owners. Needless to say, ethical hacking is highly confidential work. Therefore, you need a highly reputed certification that is widely accepted by most employers. The CEH certification or the Certified Ethical Hacker certification by EC Council is a great option for this.
  • Ethical hacking requires a lot of skills that are technical as well as non-technical in nature. On one hand, you will need programming language skills, on the other hand, you will have to combine that knowledge with problem-solving and thinking on your feet. Ethical hackers are tasked with finding loopholes in the software and other assets and they don’t have forever to do that, therefore the more they know about security issues and how to find them, the more they can save a lot of precious time by doing smart work rather than hard work. This means that ethical hackers need to know the latest tools used by hackers inside out and should devote a lot of time to practice and perfect these tools. There is no substitute to practice when it comes to white hat hacking.
  • Another last thing that you need to know before you decide to become an ethical hacker is that you need to have a clear track record to be able to work for companies. Anyone with even the slightest conflicting history could see the end of their career. As an ethical hacker, you will be trained in exactly everything that malicious hackers do. So make sure that you never do anything that is against your ethos as an ethical hacker otherwise you will end up becoming the very thing that you were fighting for.

    Here’s wishing you a great ethical hacking career. Cheers!

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Workplace Rooms

Facebook creates a version of Messenger Rooms for business companies

Called Workplace Rooms, the new service can host videos and conversations of up to 50 people simultaneously

Last week Facebook introduced Messenger Rooms, a video chat service and a potential competitor to Zoom. The social network will now bring this service to the Workplace platform, which is Facebook’s alternative to Slack.

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There is no limit on how long the meetings should be and you should not be part of the Workplace to join a conversation. Workplace users can create a video call through a link in Workplace Chat, Groups, News Feed, or Portal and share it in a chat, email, post or SMS.

Workplace Rooms
Workplace Rooms

The creators of a video call can block the entry of others in the group, remove participants while the latter has the opportunity to share the computer screen during the conversation.

The Facebook movement pushes the social network into a direct competition with Zoom. It’s also a blow to Slack that last month added the Microsoft Teams video calling option.

According to Facebook, Workplace had 5 million paid users, an increase of 2 million since October 2019. As with any other video-conferencing service, Workplace Rooms must gain the trust of users before they fall prey to privacy scandals as in the case of Zoom.

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Facebook brings the opportunity to react through your avatar

The concept of the metaverse is increasingly being embraced by more companies. Here we recall the success of Fortnite Party Royale. An avatar that represents you on a certain platform seems to be the ideal solution as we practice social distancing.

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Facebook is already bringing its Avatars to the USA. More or less like Bitmoji, a doll version of yourself created by yourself. Which you can then add to the instant messaging feedback. And then you can choose from the long list of emotions that will be added to your bookstore. So instead of selfies you can send an avatar when you don’t have good hair.

The new modifications have already been added to suit the quarantine, from the hairstyle to the outfits. Europe and Australia that have used them before will now have new updates.

To create your avatar from the smartphone app just press the smiley button next to the text box when you are writing a comment. There you will find the option of creating it.

In Messenger you can find it by pressing the smiley button then that of the sticker. Apparently it currently only works on the mobile app. But luckily if you create it on mobile you will have it in the browser later.

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Messenger Rooms

Facebook ready to rival Zoom via Messenger Rooms

Facebook is launching a series of new products to expand its options in the video chat segment

Scandal or lack of success and the high number of Zoom usage has broken every statistic. And the reaction from the competition was not long in coming. Facebook unveiled Messenger Rooms, a total reconception of the app’s video calling service.

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Up to 50 people can access this video service, and people should not be invited individually, Facebook users can post the link on their wall or in groups or event pages. Furthermore, participants do not have to have a Messenger or Facebook account, a browser is enough and you can become a part of it.

But on the other hand, the example of Zoom infiltrations has increased security levels and the caller can close the room to unwanted people.

All the gallantry of creative backgrounds and new filters are also present here. 14 new filters that provide professional lighting for the environment and the face. Messenger Rooms are starting to spread today, the move came as a result of high demand, more than 700 million video calls are made every day on Messenger and WhatsApp

Also, Facebook is doubling the number of people in WhatsApp video calling from four to eight people, adding video calls to Facebook Dating as well, adding new live streaming features to both Facebook and Instagram.

New Facebook products are coming as global pandemic has forced hundreds of millions of people to stay inside and rely on digital tools for almost everything.

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Off-Facebook Activity

Here’s how to see what kind of information Facebook has about you and how to clear it!

Facebook shows to its users how much they know about it, and brings the “delete history” button.

Facebook is watching you and thanks to a new feature recently introduced it is now possible to see how the social network tracks your activity.

The social network Facebook launched this Tuesday “Off-Facebook Activity“. With this tool users can view a list of websites, apps, and physical stores that Facebook knows you’ve visited. The new tool is an old promise by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg who swore in 2018 that he would build a tool for Facebook users where they can clear this story. At that time the social network Facebook was in the midst of a scandal like that of Cambridge Analytica. The tracker shows where Facebook has been getting information about you in the last 180 days. It receives information from third-party advertising partnerships that voluntarily disclose the identities of the persons they visit.

This is being described by the social network as a new way of “giving more control” to users’ privacy. Users were also offered the “delete history” button.

“As of today, the ‘Off-Facebook Activity’ link is available to people on Facebook worldwide. Other businesses send us information about your activity on their sites and we use this information to show you ads that are related to you. You can now see a summary of this information and delete it from your account if you like,” he wrote.

With the new feature, Facebook has provided nearly to two billion users access to a list of websites and apps that share information with the social network. Users can then download the list and forward the list of information. This enables users to understand how Facebook and other companies target them.

How to access “Off-Facebook Activity” new feature?

Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Facebook Settings and select “Your Facebook Information
  2. Under “Your Facebook Information,” select “Off-Facebook Activity.”
  3. You can access this information simply by clicking on this link directly.
  4. A banner with some websites and apps that Facebook knows you’ve used will appear.
  5. Click on one of the icons to see the full list of activities.
  6. In this list a “Clear History” button will appear where you can delete the information stored by Facebook for 180 days.
  7. In our case 184 apps have shared browsing history with Facebook.

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Facebook News design

Here’s how the new Facebook design will look like

Facebook aims to bring a change in the design of its site, while this popular social network is now giving users some clues from what to expect.

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The new Facebook design aims to make it simpler, easier and faster to use, it has larger fonts and a simplified layout to make it easier to use and make the site look more customized and more transparent.

Facebook is also introducing dark mode, which reduces brightness and thus has a slight effect on users’ eyes.

Users will be able to view pictures and clips throughout the screen.

Users are accepting invitations that present the new look of Facebook, and everyone will be informed in due course of when they can try out the social networking design.

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neoadviser – TECH

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Facebook is testing the encryption of audio and video secret calls as a way to increase privacy in the app

Facebook is testing the encryption of audio and video secret calls as a way to increase privacy in the app

Earlier this year, the company was found to be paying people up to $20 a month in exchange for gaining comprehensive access to their phones.

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Consequently, in recent months, the company has begun to take steps towards providing a more private platform environment. And according to app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, Facebook has now begun testing another privacy-focused feature.

Currently, the mode of secret conversations embedded within Facebook Messenger encrypts only text messages and does not support the same for audio or video calls. Other unsupported features are group messaging, GIFs and online payments. But now, according to Wong, Facebook has begun testing encryption for audio and video calls in secret conversations.

Testing encoded audio and video calls on Facebook in this particular way does not mean that regular audio and video calls through the platform will also be encrypted.

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From now on you can post to Instagram directly from Facebook

From now on you can post to Instagram directly from Facebook

Facebook has officially released an update to Creator Studio where businesses can schedule posts on Instagram and IGTV without leaving the social network for up to 6 months in advance.

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The ability to schedule postings on Instagram is not new because it has allowed it for third parties but will now be possible directly from Facebook by eliminating the restrictions that have existed.

Specifically you can post some images at once, which is impossible with third party tools. If you want about how to gain followers on instagram, you may check Simplygram.

What users need to do is link the business to Facebook with that of Instagram and then click the photo social network logo at the top of the page to post posts that will be published later.

But not only, because it will also be possible to add tags, location and crop images. However there is a disadvantage because it does not work with Instagram Stories.

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neOadviser – TECH

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Meet the new Facebook app that will split Instagram into two

Threads is designed as an accompanying app on Instagram and invites users to share their location, speed and battery life with friends along with typical text messages, photos and videos using Instagram’s creative tools.

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The app is being tested internally on Facebook and created specifically for the “Close Friends” list.

In May, Instagram stopped working on the Direct Communication app it has been developing since 2017. At the time, executives said beta testers did not expect the fact that they had to switch from Instagram to a secondary application to send a message.

But Facebook’s interest in building new communication experiences didn’t end there. Perhaps a communication app with close friends may prove more popularity. Today Snapchat plays this role for a large part of its users. Reports indicate that a Snapchat user spends more time inside the app than an Instagram user.

The Verge has also published some photos of the app. Threads main orientation remains sending messages. The main view shows messages with a green dot indicating if your friends are active. If a friend of yours has posted a story, you can view it from the Threads app.

The latter also has a built-in camera that you can use to capture photos and videos and send it to close friends. It is not known when Threads will debut. Maybe Facebook can pull out before launching the app to the public as it did with the Direct app.

But company CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said he sees private communication as his company’s future. Threads is the company’s latest effort to turn this vision into a reality.

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