Linksys Velop are the Company's First Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Routers

Linksys unveiled the first mesh routers system with Wi-Fi 6 technology, the new standard optimized for the high number of devices connected to the network.

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Velop Wi-Fi 6 router is available for $399 a piece or $699 tow pieces. Linksys says they can cover an area of ​​278 square meters and can handle up to 50 devices at a time.

Linksys launch comes a few months after main rival Netgear introduced the Orbi line with Wi-Fi 6. The Netgear version also costs $699 for two pieces.

Velop Wi-Fi 6 comes with four Gigabit Ethernet ports along with a USB 3.0 Type-A port. Internally the routers have a 2.2 GHz four-core processor for theoretical top speeds of 5.3Gbps. In short, the new system should be 4 times faster than Velop’s previous generation.

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