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Windows File Recovery

Microsoft simplifies the recovery of deleted files with its Windows File Recovery tool

And who knows how many times it happens to delete something unintentionally, those who don't put a lot of money in their devices usually despair and give...
Acer Predator X25

Acer unveils their new Predator X25 360Hz Gaming monitor

Not that we need to, but who wouldn't want to have one? During the [email protected] 2020 streaming gaming segment, Acer unveiled new Predator products, including a desktop and...
Max-Stream AX1800 Wi-Fi 6 Router MR7350

Linksys router, if you are looking for Wi-Fi 6 without spending a lot

The speed of 1,800Mbps can cover up to 160 square meters Wi-Fi 6 mesh routers are still expensive and sometimes look like a luxury to many of us....
Snapdragon 690

Qualcomm brings 5G for mid-range smartphones with its new OctaCore SD690 CPU

An interesting moment in history as everyday technology is changing generations Qualcomm has just launched a 5G processor for mid-range smartphones, thus inviting more social strata to an...
HTC U20 5G

With the new U20 5G smartphone HTC reminds us that it still exists

The U20 5G may disappoint you with its Snapdragon 765G processor, especially at the $640 price tag Surprisingly, this Tuesday was a busy day for HTC. After introducing...
Huawei P Smart S

Huawei P Smart S officially launched

The P Smart S is based on Android 10 with the EMUI 10.1 interface but has no support for Google Mobile Services (GMS) Huawei has added another device...
PlayStation 5

This is the PlayStation 5 – the Look and Specs

Sony has finally revealed what the PlayStation 5 looks like and its features After nearly an hour of announcements about the PS5 game, Sony also unveiled the hardware...

This Chinese company surpasses Samsung and Apple in this technology

The fight for the lowest possible screen frame ratio but without eliminating the selfie camera has brought many aesthetic versions like Samsung's notch, iPhone punch-hole, or thick...

Currents, Google+’s replacement, launches in July

Google Currents will finally be released on July 6, as a social network just for work relationships On April 2, 2019, Google chose to get rid of the...
Vivo X50

The Vivo X50 Pro becomes the first smartphone with a “gimbal” camera system

Smartphone cameras have advanced a lot lately, while manufacturers are managing to further adapt them in the most innovative ways Chinese manufacturer Vivo, known for its photo-oriented phones,...

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