Threads is designed as an accompanying app on Instagram and invites users to share their location, speed and battery life with friends along with typical text messages, photos and videos using Instagram’s creative tools.

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The app is being tested internally on Facebook and created specifically for the “Close Friends” list.

In May, Instagram stopped working on the Direct Communication app it has been developing since 2017. At the time, executives said beta testers did not expect the fact that they had to switch from Instagram to a secondary application to send a message.

But Facebook’s interest in building new communication experiences didn’t end there. Perhaps a communication app with close friends may prove more popularity. Today Snapchat plays this role for a large part of its users. Reports indicate that a Snapchat user spends more time inside the app than an Instagram user.

The Verge has also published some photos of the app. Threads main orientation remains sending messages. The main view shows messages with a green dot indicating if your friends are active. If a friend of yours has posted a story, you can view it from the Threads app.

The latter also has a built-in camera that you can use to capture photos and videos and send it to close friends. It is not known when Threads will debut. Maybe Facebook can pull out before launching the app to the public as it did with the Direct app.

But company CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said he sees private communication as his company’s future. Threads is the company’s latest effort to turn this vision into a reality.

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