Are You Addicted to Your Phone? How to Tell and What to Do,

Are You Addicted to Your Phone? How to Tell and What to Do

Are You Addicted to Your Phone? How to Tell and What to Do

We all use our phones constantly, but you might be worried that you are using yours too much. If you have that idea, then there is probably some truth to it. Maybe you know someone who is struggling with their own cell phone addiction, and you want to help them. We are going to tell you the signs to look for as well as a list of steps you or they can take to help get free from phone addiction. 

Signs of a Phone Addict

There are some telltale signs that indicate that someone is using their phone too much and may be unable to control their phone usage. While the line between habit and addiction is difficult to define, you can still look out for the telltale signs. Constantly checking the phone- Most people check their phone about 80 times a day, which is a lot. If you think your cell phone usage is out of control, just keep track of how many times you look at it during the day. Spending more time on the phone than planned- Do you find yourself thinking you will only check one thing on the phone and then end up spending half an hour or an hour on it? That could mean that your phone usage is out of control, and you will want to put a stop to it. The phone is sapping your time away, and before you know it, you will be looking back and regretting how much time you wasted on the phone. 

Hiding your phone usage- Do you lie about how much time you spend on the phone or cover up your usage, trying to make it look like you spend less time on the device than you really do? Maybe you hide the fact that you take it into the bathroom or erase some of your phone activity in case your parents, spouse or roommate were to check the phone. Covering up an activity is a sign that we are ashamed of what we are doing.  Trying to reduce phone usage but failing- If something in your life has you in its grip, it can be hard to get free. An addiction will pull you in despite your best efforts to change and take back control. A loss of control is evidence of an addiction. If you find that the phone is taking over your life, not giving you enough time to get things done each day, requiring you to hire a cleaning service because you can’t be bothered to tidy up or not getting your work done each day and hurting your career, then you need to make a change. 

What Can You Do?

There are steps to take to help you get your phone usage under control, and we want to share these with you.

Set a shutdown time- You should shut the phone completely off and leave it off every night, at about the same time. Place it in a separate room from where you sleep and turn the phone off fully so that it won’t be as tempting to you. This will help you start to get things under control because it creates a forced separation. Turn off notifications- One of the reasons that you check your phone so often is because you know whenever you get an update or message, a like or a follow. You probably waste time on the phone after each message check, and this simple change will help you to pick the phone up less. You may want to leave on some important notifications but turn off all the unimportant ones you can to reduce phone usage. 

Get accountable- You can find someone to be your accountability partner who will help you keep tabs on how much you use your phone. This can be a spouse or family member who will monitor your usage and who will take the phone for you when things get out of control. Track your phone usage- One thing that helps some people get some perspective and see how bad their addiction is would be to simply track how much time they spend on the phone. There are a number of apps that will do this for you, and you can check that tally each day. It may not be a bad idea to check the phone usage partway through the day to see how much time you racked up already. If you set time restrictions on your usage, then this tool can tell you when to put the phone down and leave it be. 

Delete apps- One thing that really takes up your time on the phone is your apps. If you can get rid of some of those, your total phone usage each day may go down. Delete social media apps that you don’t want to keep using. It is a good idea to limit your social media platforms to three or fewer. Delete any apps that you want to spend less time on, and this will give you fewer excuses to pick up the phone and waste your day away on it. Get help- You may not be able to tackle this problem simply by doing the things on this list. Not everyone has the willpower to stick to their decisions. You may stop using the phone as much for a couple of days and then find yourself back to using it too much very quickly. So, the only solution may be to see a psychiatrist or an addiction counselor. By sharing your problem with them, you will get excellent advice and have someone you can confide in fully about your issue. This can help you immensely, just keeping you a bit more accountable and helping you see your problem for what it really is. We tend to lie to ourselves about our addiction and obsession, especially when it comes to doing things we love. By addressing these things and seeing them clearly, we can start to make progress on fixing them.

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Here’s How To Find Your Favorite Childhood Games Online

Here’s How To Find Your Favorite Childhood Games Online

It’s been a while since you played your favorite childhood game. Maybe you’re feeling nostalgic, or maybe you just want to see what all the fuss is about with these newfangled “vintage” games. Whatever the reason, you can find your favorite childhood game online with a little bit of effort. Here’s how: 

Go to an online search engine and type in the name of the game you’re looking for + “online”

Looking to relive some childhood memories? Thanks to the digital world, it’s never been easier to find those beloved childhood games online. All you need to do is head over to your favorite search engine and type in the name of the game you’re looking for followed by “online”. This will bring up a collection of related websites and apps, so you can quickly and easily begin revisiting the gaming habits of your youth. Whether you want a classic card game or an old-school shooter, a few taps or clicks are all it takes to jump back in time!

Find a retro video game store online

If the search engine route didn’t quite do the trick, you can also try heading to a retro video game store online. These specialized stores offer a collection of vintage games that span across genres and platforms, so they’re sure to have something old-school that will fit your fancy. Many of these stores even carry physical copies of classic cartridges and pre-owned console games, so you can get your hands on a tangible copy of your favorite childhood game. The way we game may have changed over the years, but classic gaming never goes out of style!

Check out websites like Kongregate or Game Jolt – they have a huge selection of online games

Relive the childhood nostalgia of online gaming with websites like Kongregate and Game Jolt. Whether you’re into classic point-and-click puzzlers, old favorites, or arcade-style action games – these sites have it all. With a huge selection of both independent and mainstream titles, many of them can be played for free! Get lost in the magic of vintage gaming, or venture into uncharted territory for new and unique experiences – either way, you won’t be disappointed by what you find on Kongregate or Game Jolt.

See if there’s a mobile app version of the game you’re looking for

If you’re trying to find a childhood game that has been digitized, your first stop should be mobile app stores. In the last few years, many classic titles have been reimagined for touchscreens and tablets, and it’s possible that the game you remember could have an app version available. Search through app stores like the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and see if there’s a new way to revisit an old favorite. It might take some time, but you may just end up finding your beloved game in a whole new context!

Try searching for fan-made versions of the game on sites like YouTube or Reddit

If you’re trying to find childhood games online, it can be a challenge. But don’t forget to search for fan-made versions of the game on sites like YouTube or Reddit. Fans often create reimaginings of nostalgia-inducing games from our past and make them available as open-source projects. If you look hard enough, you could even stumble across a hidden gem that captures the essence of some forgotten classic. It takes some time, but scouring these sharing sites has become something of an art form and many joyous discoveries await those who make the effort.

If all else fails, try reaching out to the original creators of the game to see if they have an online version

Need to track down some of your favorite childhood games online but having no luck? Trying reaching out to the original creators for help. This strategy can often be a great way to access all sorts of rare or hard-to-find retro games, from beloved trading card classics or cult classic console hits. Do a Google search for the game, see if you can locate its first release date and the names of its original creators, then reach out via social media or other internet platforms– you never know what forgotten gems you might uncover!

Restoring childhood experiences is one of the simplest forms of nostalgia, and luckily it’s easier than ever to find classic games online. By thoroughly researching search engines, specialty websites, mobile app stores, fan-made versions, and the original creators, you can recreate your favorite gaming experiences from yesteryear. Jane Friedman has provided an easy template for seeking out online games – by following these simple steps you can enjoy those magical arcade days again. Now go play some old favorites – you deserve the break!

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How Does Automated Testing Allow Doing Cross-Browser Testing, and What Are the Benefits?

How Does Automated Testing Allow Doing Cross-Browser Testing, and What Are the Benefits?

How Does Automated Testing Allow Doing Cross-Browser Testing, and What Are the Benefits?

Whether creating a website, app, or game, your goal is a premium user experience. That ensures the software runs smoothly regardless of the environment. Visitors could use different operating systems and configurations, as well as web browsers. Cross-browser testing is important for all browser-based apps. Manual testing requires human participation in the process and can cause bugs and issues, while test automation provides fast and reliable results without requiring human intervention. In this guide, you’ll discover the basics of cross-browser testing. Then, we’ll discuss the importance of automating these tests and what benefits that will bring!

What Is Cross Browser Testing?

A cross-browser test is a compatibility test that verifies your software runs smoothly on desired web browsers. Most companies aim to cover popular user programs, such as Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. The test should also ensure your software of website work flawlessly across all platforms and devices using those browsers. The main benefit of running a cross-browser test is confirming proper software function across different browsers. It’s also an imperative requirement. With so many apps and websites out there, it’s impossible to be competitive if you don’t ensure cross-browser support.

Can You Run Cross Browser Testing Manually and Automatically?

Manual testing is the first approach that appeared in the market. It involves a human tester checking the app looking for bugs, and ensuring everything works as expected. For example, a manual cross-browser test would involve checking how the software works on each browser. You’ll need to cover at least ten popular solutions, preferably on different operating systems. That’s a tedious task that takes much time.

It’s clear why the industry was eagerly awaiting the automation of cross-browser testing. Software testing automation eliminates human involvement, although an engineer needs to create them, enter the expected results, and run the test to compare how the software works. Once you create test scripts, you run them, and the computer does the rest. Whether you’ll do the test manually or automatically is up to your requirements. Automated tests deliver many benefits, so automation should be a top priority. On the other hand, you should only resort to manual tests if you recognize limitations in automated tests.

What Are the Benefits of Automated Cross-Browser Testing?

All manual tests take time, but you won’t find any more time-consuming than cross-browser tests. An engineer must check all features across different browsers, which can be a hassle. Therefore, it’s imperative to turn to automated cross-browser tests.

It depends on the test, but the estimation is human involvement has been reduced by about 70% with test automation. Engineers still need to create test scripts and optimize parameters in the automation tool. However, once they set everything, automated tests are run by the computer. There’s no need for anyone to “babysit” the device. Once it is finished, you receive test reports for analysis. Now, here are the top benefits of automating cross-browser tests!

Saving Time and Money

Developers aim to create stunning software solutions, but finances are the top priority from a business perspective. Automated testing requires an upfront investment in the required tools and engineer training. But experts agree it delivers a huge return on that investment in the long run.

For starters, it saves the time required for cross-browser testing. Computers can process data faster than humans, providing 100% reliable results since they aren’t error-prone. The fast feedback cycle notifies you about potential issues early, giving you more time to fix the problems. Automated tests run by computers mean that engineers can handle other tasks. That leads to improved productivity, making automation a wise investment from a business perspective. It also gives you better odds of meeting the set release date and releasing software of optimal quality, which boosts the company’s reputation.

Test Reusability

The best thing about automated tests is that they are reusable. Let’s say you conduct a cross-browser test and identify several bugs. Once you fix them, you’d like to run the test again to confirm they are removed. Automation tools allow running the same test multiple times. If necessary, you can make small changes to the parameters before reusing them. But either way, it’ll be much faster than conducting repeatable manual tests.

Maximizing Test Accuracy and Feedback Reliability

Checking the same feature across various browsers is tedious and repetitive. It could lead to an attention drop in a manual tester, which increases the risk of mistakes. That can’t happen with automated tests. The only condition is to program everything properly, and the computer will provide 100% reliable results. Thanks to feedback reliability, you’ll know which bugs to deal with to optimize the software.

Final Thoughts

Cross-browser testing is among the most demanding tests when done manually. Automating it can save time and money while optimizing resource allocation. It all helps maximize software functioning while ensuring you release it on time. Automated testing makes things easier for developers and engineers while providing assets to take the company forward!

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Best Apps Every Student Should Use,

Best Apps Every Student Should Use

Best Apps Every Student Should Use

Every modern student knows that gadgets and new technologies are key boosters of the educational process. Moreover, applications are a way to quickly find out some information or solve a problem related to college activities. Regardless of your academic level, you should use apps as they can make your life easier and more comfortable. Here are the best software products that every student should install.


Imagine that you are listening to a lecture after a long sleepless night. You will probably be too tired to remember even half of what your professor said. So you should install SoundNote because this application will turn your smartphone into an audio recorder. Now you will have the opportunity to listen to each statement or important fact at any time convenient for you. Surely you will be happy with such an application because now you will not need to be afraid of low grades.

Office Lens

And here is the second application that will simplify your academic life forever. Imagine that you decide to take a photo of notes and rewrite important information later. Now you can convert all your images to PDF or Word files. This opportunity will help you cope with the academic routine much faster. In addition, the main interface is intuitive, and you will not need to spend a lot of time figuring out what’s what. This application is ideal for scanning books and magazines. Organize your notes, and it will be easier for you to search for information in your database.


What if you’re a first-year student and you keep forgetting your timetable? In this case, you need a convenient student planner to avoid wasting time on third-party activities. Thanks to Timetable, your days will be as efficient as possible. In addition to keeping a schedule, you can save time and spend it on more important activities. Besides, now you can know which day will be too difficult in advance. Such knowledge will help you hire professional writers on time if you are sure that you will not cope with your papers. However, you can always count on essay writer help services if you find a reliable and trustworthy company ready to give a helping hand.


Many students prefer the remote educational process because this is a great opportunity to save on living in another city or country. But the problem is that not all colleges or universities have convenient online sites for webinars. However, you don’t have to worry because you can use Zoom. Millions of educational institutions use Zoom for online lectures and seminars. In addition, this application allows you to create private rooms for 20-30 or even more people. So you should download Zoom and connect to the general video chat to participate in academic activities.

Circle of Six

And here is an application that is especially useful for international students. Imagine that you went to study in Germany, France, or Colombia. What if you get lost somewhere in the city or the countryside? You will probably panic as not all people speak English. However, Circle of Six is ​​the perfect way to avoid such problems. First, this app creates a circle of six people you trust. You can let them know that they are in trouble. In addition, these six people will be able to track your location and come to you by taxi. As you can see, such a software product will save you from any force majeure.

Alarmy: Sleep If You Can

Imagine going to college or university and needing to work nights to pay your bills. You will probably be very tired and will not be able to wake up early. However, there is a good way to get up simultaneously every morning. You will never miss a class if you download the “Alarmy: Sleep If You Can” app. Surely even your neighbors will hear the bell ringing in the morning. It is worth noting that the application has a user-friendly interface and a lot of sounds for the alarm signal.

Google Drive

Surely you know how important it is to have quick access to students’ files to write papers. Thanks to Google Drive, you can work on any computer, smartphone, or tablet. All your files will be stored in the cloud, and you don’t have to worry about losing access to important data. In addition, you will have at least 16GB to store slides, spreadsheets, applications, and text documents. And you can expand cloud storage up to several terabytes and store everything important for your academic life.

Final Words

The above applications are only a small part of the software products that will help students in everyday life. You have to test all the software products and list the best applications. Surely you will be able to improve your academic process and not worry about grades. In addition, many useful applications are free, so you do not have to spend money. Enjoy new educational opportunities and get an edge over other students.

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Investment Innovation: Navigating the New Age of Finance

6 Helpful Trading Tools That You Can Find Online

6 Helpful Trading Tools That You Can Find Online

Trading is a volatile practice that deals with drastically changing statistics, numbers, and variables. Of course, it also deals with a significant amount of money, and such changes mean there is a lot to be made or lost. If you are not careful with how you approach trading, you could be on the wrong end of some enormous swings. In order to stay ahead of the curve, it is important that you equip yourself with the right tools. Here are 6 helpful trading tools to look for online.

Stock Charting Software

In order to trade effectively, you will need a variety of tools to get you started and ready to trade. One of the key tools you want to set yourself up with is charting software. This will be a tool that you use as you increase your time and energy trading. Charting is important as it allows you to see patterns with stocks, and make the necessary predictions in order for you to buy and sell at optimal times. 


Stock Informational Sites

There are many different programs, software, and websites to consider when you are trading that provide you a wide variety of benefits. In addition to simple charting programs, it is important that you look at what different utilizations each tool provides you. Some informational sites are great in terms of their UI or user interface to help inform you regarding different stocks and markets. Certain layouts and options like heat maps can provide crucial data regarding the stocks you are trading to give you a better idea and larger picture of the status of the market, providing you a sense of whether the market is up or down, and impacting your direction for your trades.


ThinkScript Program

One key tool that you want to consider when you are trading is a customizable development and programming tool to help you develop your own important programs for trading. You will want to consider developing, coding, and scripting a program, through an accessible download link, as a way to create programs that will help you analyze and study stocks, develop strategies, organize your stock data, and sort them into lists that you will want to closely watch in order to capitalize on optimal timing and pricing. As you continue to grow in your trading strategies, you will be able to hone your skills and become more efficient in your day trading profession.

Financial News Sites

Part of the tools that you want to include in your portfolio or ensure that you have access to while you are trading is any reliable news site when it comes to financial information. You want to ensure that you are able to keep up with all the updates and relevant information as it comes up and pertains to different stocks, as this can easily swing prices, creating buying opportunities and selling windows. Without the latest information, making moves and predictions is difficult. 

Learning Resources

Trading stocks is an ever-growing and always progressing career. There are plenty of things to learn as time goes on, and it is up to you to keep up with all the information and maintain your knowledge in such markets. Early on, you want to ensure that you have access to learning resources that will teach you the key terms and concepts that you need to establish your core understanding. This will formulate the success and outcomes of your future trading endeavors. As markets evolve and upgrade, you want to continue to maintain those open channels of education to ensure that you never lose your competitive edge when it comes to trading. 

Trading Apps And Broker Platforms

One of the most important tools you need is the right broker and trading platform. Choosing the right platform for you is key, as it will translate to a various number of factors that will come into play as you trade. This will include costs of trading and broker fees, but this is important as those will be necessary to ensure that you are trading on the most reliable and efficient platforms. The trouble with some free apps or platforms is that they are not as quick to input certain trades, and for a day trader where every second counts in order to maximize profits or minimize losses, you want to ensure that the systems you trade on are going to be fast and reliable. Consider what options are out there to make the best decision for your trading needs.


You need to ensure that when you are trading, you give yourself as much of an advantage as possible. Every trade could mean hundreds, thousands, and even millions of dollars in difference. Learn and consider different tools for your trading needs and customize your strategies to guarantee that you are confident with every trade you make.

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Windows 20H2 Update

The second update for 2020 of Windows 10 near its debut

The update brings some new feat including a major debut of the new Edge browser

While we do not have a debut date for the October update of Windows 10 codenamed 20H2, this version is closer than we thought. Through the Windows Insider blog, Microsoft said the Windows 10 20H2 update is in the Release Channel Preview. Although this channel is not the main branch of Windows 10, it is considered the last stop before the update becomes available to everyone.

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In fact, the update is so close that Microsoft officially calls it the “October 2020 Update.” If you want to try the update now, you can join Windows Insider. And since it’s on the Release Preview channel, you don’t have to worry about major system issues.

What does Windows 10 20H2 Update include?

Although not a major update, there are some new additions. The biggest change is the Edge browser which is going to be difficult to uninstall. This is because Microsoft is launching the Chromium version of the browser with the update in question. Edge will become an integral part of the operating system and almost impossible to uninstall.

Beyond this change, the Start menu will have a cleaner interface.

There have been complaints about the mandatory implementation for the new Edge. But from the tests carried out to date, the Chromium version wins over the old version without any hesitation and by a large margin.

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So what do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more news and updates.


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Android 11 Official

Android 11 debuts officially and not just for the Pixel devices

OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo and Realme have announced the debut of the operating system for their devices

After many months in beta, Android 11 is finally here and to everyone’s surprise not only for Pixel smartphones, from today the operating system can also be installed by some OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Realme devices.

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From Pixel 2 to 4A everyone can download it from today. OnePlus has confirmed that the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro Os upgrade will be available today in North America, Europe, and India, as well as the Oppo X2 and Reno 2.

Android 11 brings a host of new features but generally focuses less on adding new features and more on the management of many things your smartphone can do. Among the most important updates is the notifications section, new media controls, new interface for screenshots, tighter permissions for applications, etc. The operating system has added a new bubble-like interface similar to Facebook Messenger. 

But despite the fact that a large number of smartphones will get the new system from now on, a number of options remain exclusive to Pixel, such as the location-sharing option in AR, Smart Reply in Gboard, and intelligently renamed files.

The final version is now ready to be downloaded on Pixel 2, 3, 3A, 4, and 4A. OnePlus also confirmed its debut on the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro. Google promises that more partners will join the launch in the coming days.

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So what do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more news and updates.


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Aptoide: How Was Born, How It Works And Is It Safe?

Aptoide: How Was Born, How It Works And Is It Safe?

About Aptoide, the question is:

.. are we dealing with an illegal container and pirated apps, or with a legitimate third-party market compared to Google Play? This is a fairly legitimate question because regardless of whether Aptoide is already a consolidated “store” of applications. It is often accused of not creating much control over “infected” applications. There is also a not-so-strong policy against piracy and privacy. As a result of a signal from our user, we conducted several tests, searches, and physical tests on the Aptoide platform. Are you ready to discover the results?

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A short story of Aptoide:

Aptoide was born in 2009, just one year after HTC Dream was created and the market launch of the Android version. The idea of ​​creating this unofficial platform was Mr. Paulo Trezentos. In 2010 he managed to translate his platform into many languages ​​thanks to the Android Bazaar. The latest is a platform that allows its users to create small, transposed app stores. In 2012 Aptoide and Android Bazaar joins in a single store app in Lisbon.

Paul Trezenos
Paul Trezenos

Since then, luck seems to have smiled Mr. Trezentos and his team. Aptoide expands with force not only in the European market but also in the American and Asian markets. Alvaro Pinto, co-creator of Aptoide, recently said at least 100 million US and Asian users have downloaded at least one app from Aptoide. Active users downloaded five or six apps per month.

In total Aptoide has grown with an incredible amount: 100% each year. Shortly before, it attracted a $1 million investment. In 2016, investments have been doubled thanks to the “Serie A” group, which includes many Chinese and Portuguese companies. Aptoide has opened its office in Asia in Shenzhen City, at the borders of Hong Kong. It has also opened its offices in Singapore, where in recent years there has been an increase of 200% per year.

In 2014, Trezentos denounced Google in the European Commission for “abuse of power”. That’s because the Mountain View company had excluded Aptoide from the Play Store. In this way, according to Trezentos, Google has “hurt users who will have fewer alternative options, and much less inexpensive.”

How does Aptoide work:

Although in the first sight Aptoide may look the same as all alternative stores, you should be careful. It should not be underestimated the originality of Aptoide and his creator. The latter managed to keep the initial idea behind Android Bazaar by developing it into a more adapted and multifaceted reality.

Aptoide’s originality is the ability of every user to create his own personalized app store. Within this store, you can create an APK file for different apps and games. You can even spend on social networks or sell them. For this reason, it is not unusual to find different sources from which to download the same applications.

Such an original structure has not only its positivities but also various negativities. On one side Aptoide with this structure is placed on the competition. Alvaro Pinto describes the structure of Aptoide as a version of YouTube applications. Instead of the channels we find different stores, and instead of videos we find applications. Each user can download the favorite store and receive notifications of new applications. The biggest negativity lies precisely in this system of distribution of applications.

So it stands exactly at the opportunity offered to everyone and a bit controlled by creators, to upload any APK file. Included here and infected files or paid apps. Some programmers use Google controls, which has also put up an information skirmish for users downloading an unofficial app.

It is possible that Aptoide’s goal is to stay free of piracy, forcing programmers and developers to be replaced by simple users. In this way, reputation and trustworthiness (trustability) will increase. But this strategy so far has not been very effective. Among other functionalities, Aptoide offers some interesting instruments. For example, regarding scheduling updates, application backups, and a “cloud” memory for those with little disk memory.

How safe is it to download from Aptoide?

Despite Aptoide’s availability of an integrated malware scanner, the doubt about security is eliminated. This scanner consists of three constantly active antiviruses and should check the reliability of the APK file with the applications. Reliability is evaluated with several colors based on control. For example, green color shows credibility, yellow color shows suspicions and red color shows uncertainty. But there are many applications that are ignored by this scanner, and therefore users remain suspicious. To emphasize that there have been many improvements over the last few years. It is also said to happen sometimes and Google Play itself has provided apps that were subsequently found to be malware and virus. But the user, in general, is far more defensive with Aptoide just because he has long held a non-conditional stance on piracy.

So we can say that in general Aptoide is one of the best informal platforms in the market. Generally safe, though it is worth noting that the risks of virus removal remain only to users. The fact that there is low credibility compared to the official Google Play store is not to be surprised. Google has reckless power in the market. There are information lines and certainly has all the possibilities of manipulating information against the competition. This fact forces the creators of Aptoide to be always present in various forums and on the Internet to protect their creatures. On the one hand this activism is positive because it allows plenty of explanations for suspicious users. But on the other hand, it can also be considered as an attempt to hide and obscure the Aptoide.

The conclusion of our research and evidence is clear. Aptoide can be used without fear for downloading applications from other users. Anyway, you have to be careful about any new applications you put on the market before you have positive feedback on online forums. As for Aptoide, we would have only one word: a bit more transparent. This feature is also lacking in competition: the Google Play Store.

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Hope you found this article useful! Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more news and updates.


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Windows 10 May 2020 Update

May 2020 Update: Everything you need to know about the next version of Windows 10

The update will start rolling out from May 28th

Microsoft will launch a new update to Windows 10, also known as the May 2020 Update, which will include, among other things, new productivity, security, and speed options. The update will start arriving on users from May 28th. Windows 10 is currently installed on more than 1 billion devices worldwide according to Microsoft statistics for March.

Now that support for Windows 7 updates is ended, Microsoft is encouraging users to switch computers to Windows 10 or buy a new one with this operating system. Major updates with new Windows 10 options are sent every 6 months and the most recent was in November 2019. The new update takes between 7 to 17 minutes to install.

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When will be available the May 2020 Update?

For those on the Windows Insider program, the May update is available in the form of an experimental version of almost a year.

The final version is expected to reach developers on May 12 and mass users on May 28. If you want to have premature access, you can join the experimental versions in the Windows Insider Slow Ring program by keeping the Stop Getting Preview Builds option turned on.

What are the new features of May 2020 update we can expect?

The next update to Windows 10 will have a number of changes for users where according to Microsoft are:

#1. Cortana

Microsoft says the Cortana virtual assistant will evolve into a personal productivity assistant that helps you with Microsoft 365 applications. Cortana will be removed from the permanent location on the taskbar so you can move it wherever you want like any other application. Already with Cortana you can create e-mails by saying command in English as “Send an email to” or “Show with emails from.”

Cortana May 2020 Update
Cortana May 2020 Update

#2. Search Home

Users will have access to four quick searches from the Search Home option for access to weather forecasting, headlines, a few stories, and new movies.

#3. Kaomoji

Microsoft has added kaomoji, – like. \ _ ((ツ) _ / ¯ -, to the keyboard.

Kaomoji May 2020 Update
Kaomoji May 2020 Update

#4. Virtual Desktops

You can change the name of virtual desktops instead of being labeled as Desktop 1, Desktop 2, etc.

Virtual Desktops Change Default Names
Virtual Desktops Change Default Names

#5. Automatic opening the application

Through this option you can determine that after restarting the device you can automatically open the applications of the Universal Windows Platform.

#6. Bluetooth pairing

The connection of the two Bluetooth devices will be done through notifications so that you do not need to go to the Settings app to complete it as a process.

Bluetooth Pairing May 2020 Update
Bluetooth Pairing May 2020 Update

#7. New tablet and hybrid 2n1 experience

Available to users of experimental versions, when the keyboard is disconnected from a 2n1 device, the continuity of your applications and work will be maintained until that moment without interruption.

Will the old versions of Windows 10 continue to be functional?

Microsoft will end support for Windows 10 1809 for Home, Pro, Pro Education editions. While the Pro Education and Pro Workstation versions in November of this year. This update was first launched in October 2018. Enterprise and Education versions will receive support until May 2021.

You can continue to use this version of Windows 10, but losing support from Microsoft means there are no more security updates.

Will we be forced to switch to the May 2020 version?

No. Microsoft recommends this update but it is not mandatory only if you reach the end of the support like Windows 10 1809. Even then you can choose for yourself whether to stay or not. To see what version you have installed you need to go to Settings> System> About and check in Windows Specifications where you find the edition and version number.

If you have the 1903 version launched in May 2019 and want to keep it, you can do so until December 2020 when support ends. And if you have the 1909 version launched in November 2019 then you have until May 2021 to use it safely.

More on Windows 10

In a blog post, Panos Panay, chief executive of the Windows and Devices division, spoke about Windows 10X. The operating system introduced at the end of 2019 is designed to work with devices with two screens like Surface Neo which are not yet available.

However, based on the trends that are being applied today, Microsoft decided to backoff from the initiative by staying with laptops and regular 2n1 devices. Panay said Microsoft will focus on implementing Windows 10X for single-screen devices.

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