"Dark Mode" is official in the Messenger application

Facebook Messenger was officially equipped today with a “Dark Mode” feature. Available since March in the form of a hidden function, “dark mode” was activated by sending a moon like to a friend.

You no longer need to do this because it is accessed with a simple button and is available for 1.3 billion Messenger users.

Just click on the profile picture in Messenger and at the top of the configuration options you will notice the new option called “Dark Mode.”

In addition to being lighter for late-night hours, the darker theme should increase battery life on OLED screens such as iPhone X, XS, XS Max or Galaxy series and LG V8 and V40.

This is because when the option is activated, individual pixels do not show black color but actually turn off saving energy.

Google has also started testing a darker OS theme for Android Q as well as Apple iOS 13.

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