Do you have an 'Android' phone? Here's how to save his battery

Android phones are widespread throughout the world. The number of users of this type of phone is growing day by day.

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For those who have one, the main problem that appears to you is the rapid battery consumption. For this, there are several effective ways to make the phone battery stand longer:

1. Always keep open the ‘saving mode’ option.

2. Close ‘wiffi’, ‘bluetooth’ and ‘GPS’ if you do not use them.

3. Once finished, close the application you were using.

4. Set your phone ‘airplane mode’ if you decide not to use it for a while.

5. Lower the light of your phone.

6. Reformate your phone from time to time to get rid of problematic applications.

7. Never use it while placing the phone on the charger.

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