The Nokia 7 Plus announced as the best phone in 2018

EISA has announced Nokia 7 plus as the best phone in 2018, in the “consumer” category, informs HMD Global, the home of Nokia‘s phone.

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EISA Awards are awarded by the largest independent commission in the world, comprised of representatives of 55 most reputable magazines and most reputable portals.

They teamed up collectively with the Nokia 7 Plus model for impressive design, superb performance and impressive camera capabilities.

Winning products will be presented at IFA, the largest consumer electronics fair in the world, to be held in Berlin from August 31 to September 5 this year.

After moving to a number of spheres compared to competitors, Nokia 7 Plus has been named the smartest smartphone in the category of mobile devices for the user, which will award him the EISA Award for 2018/19.

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