Farming Simulator 19 Free

If you like village life, this game is perfect

If you’ve been living in the city all your life and want to see what life would be like in the countryside, Farming Simulator 19 is the perfect game and it’s already free through Epic Games Store.

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In Farming Simulator 19, players can grow and develop their farm in America and Europe. They can make straw mills, clean the stables and fix the land for the cattle, which obviously doesn’t look real fun in real life.

You should keep in mind that this is not the latest version of Farming Simulator, as it is coming to the end of 2018. Yes, Farming Simulator, like Madden, FIFA, NBA 2K and other sports games is always 1 year in the future. Farming Simulator 19 has dozens of official partner licenses, mostly combine harvesters, tractors and other tools.

Farming Simulator 19 can be obtained starting till February 6th. After that, Epic will release three board game adaptations: Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride and Pandemic. All are published by Asmodee Digital.

Earlier this month, Epic revealed that it would continuously provide free games by the end of 2020. Last year, Epic delivered more than 70 games reaching more than 100 million users.

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