Ford Mustang Mach E
Ford Mustang Mach E

Mustang Mach E electric car was unveiled by the American giant Ford in Los Angeles, but for the car maker, the new model represents more than just a moving vehicle.

Mach E model for several years has served as a tough test for the company’s restructuring that has received numerous complaints about quality problems and the difficult launch of the sports model, the Ford Explorer.

For actor Idris Elba who, before becoming famous, worked at Ford’s car factory in England, Mustang’s legacy and company focus on electric cars gave him special pleasure in the presentation.

“I am associated with the company name, but I am happy that Ford is entering the electric car area,” Elba said during the presentation.

For the company boss, Bill Ford Junior, Mustang Mach E model, has put together two conflicting goals: His desire for Ford to be a leader in electric cars and for the company to not produce by 2030 the car that emits carbon and the second Mustang to carry its usual V-8 engine,.

The US company is expected to spend $11.5 billion on the creation of electric and hybrid cars by 2022. Although big companies have failed to make a profit from electric cars, Ford said that the new model will be profitable from the start.

The new model is also expected to challenge Teslan, the company that is already making an electric model. And the company’s chief, Elon Musk, said he is happy that giants like Ford are also thinking about the future.

The new Mustang has not lost its original appearance, but inside it has a new battery that, with a charger, can move up to 483 kilometers.

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