GoFindMe GPS Tracking

2019 is the age of technology, and no matter what activity you do, technology and gadgets are connected. Similarly, GPS tracking devices for walking and tracking are also gaining shape in recent years. So gadgets like GoFindMe were one of the devices that changed the way GSP tracking when you go hiking, camping, or other outdoor activities.

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How Does GoFindMe Help?

For those who like hiking, they definitely agree that forgetting the way or missing their colleague are some of the problems. In situations like this, you may definitely need some gadget that makes your job easier. GoFindMe is one of those gadgets that a perfect friend for hiking.

The best thing about GoFindMe is that you no longer have to pay over the Internet or subscription. GoFindMe devices do everything for you. They have their tracking and internal map that make them focus on walking and tracking. your friends, GoFindMe will make things easier for you.

GoFindMe Features

Talking about the features, there is a lot to mention. What’s really important for any tracking device is that they need an Internet connection, but that’s not the case with GoFindMe. With GoFindMe, you are free to use this device without internet, SIM Card and also no subscription required. Once you have purchased this device, you are ready to go. This can be one of the best features for hackers as you only You need to focus on hiking and nothing more.

When you are walking, you can see where everyone stays in real-time. Some search the entire place to know the safe zone. Also, at night someone needs to stay so that no one crosses the safe zone at night. .

With that in mind, GoFindMe made things easier for hiking. They have an integrated SafeZone feature that lets you mark the safe zone so everyone with you knows your border. When you are tired of walking all day will not need to stay up all night monitoring your kids or those who need special care. GoFindMe will do it for you.

Real-time location tracking is one of the most useful resources for group hikers. You can track everyone’s location in real time and find out where it is and how long it might take to arrive.

Above all, the main USP of this tracking device is its battery life: on a single charge, this device can last over 72 hours, which is, in fact, one of the most important things for those looking for a tracking by GPS In our review of GoFindMe, we found this quite useful.

In addition, GoFindMe also has a built-in offline map. This device automatically tracks your time and saves it on location. This allows you to guide your partner or group members to your location.

You also have the SOS feature that will send a message and your location to your loved one at emergency, which can be very helpful for your child or if you are in a situation where you really need help.

Being a tracking device specially designed for trekkers, it also supports sharing and tracking of messages and group locations. In addition, this device can track your location for about 8 km without the need for Wi-Fi or the Internet. Some people even use it as a car GPS tracker for short-distance tracking. That is what it is worth buying.

How Does GoFindMe GPS work?

It works like a pair of walkie-talkie, but with private channels. Your connection are incryped, so others cannot know what you say. With the GoFindMe you can send and receive messages, or your GPS position, to a specific receiver and vice versa.

The device connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth connection. Text messages or GPS coordinates can be written on the mobile.

It is resistant to splashes (rain), dust, snow and bumps, so you can take this personal GPS tracker to any adventure. It is recharged by USB port. It comes with maps as standard.

Undoubtedly, this gadget is a fantastic way to be safe in remote areas, to always know our situation and to be able to communicate. The only problem is that its strength grows if the number of users grows.


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