Here are 15 tips to keep your car running as long as possible

Car maintenance is an important step a car owner must follow in order for the car to live long and look new.

Always follow the maintenance plan, and never skip that, to have a car that produces its maximum.

Preliminary maintenance is the best thing you can do to increase life expectancy, but at the same time save money for repairs.

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Here are some tips that help you to respect your car’s maintenance plan.

#1. Check the air filters

Check the air filters
Check the air filters

Many of your machine problems come as a result of air filter malfunctions. You have to change the air filters every 12 months, or every 20,000 km overwhelmed. Do not overlook this as it may cause problems with air conditioning, and consequently will suck unhealthy air inside the car.

You can change filters to a mechanic. But if you want to save money you can do it yourself. I like you:

  • Initially locate the air filter placed under the machine cover. It is a rectangular black box, which has metal compartments inside. You can see it as soon as you open the car cover. If you do not find it there, check the user manual.
  • After you localize it, remove the cover and see how old filters match it. It is important to respect the directions of the filter. Mark the directions of the filter, then remove it.
  • After you have removed the old filter, set the new filter in the same way and direction with the old one. You will see how it will fit completely with the edges of the box.
  • Close the metal box after replacing.

You can also use compressed air in the new filter. This will improve the life of the filter and will last longer.

#2. Check the fluids and tire pressure regularly

Check the fluids and tire pressure regularly
Check the fluids and tire pressure regularly

This is something you should not bypass in any way, regardless of cost. These are the main components of your machine, which have the habit of finishing or consuming quickly.

Pay extra attention to the tire and fluid of the car. The time it takes for you to control them is only 10 minutes.

All you have to do is open the engine after it has cooled, then pull the oil stick. Clean it thoroughly, then put it back in place. Now when you draw it for the second, it will show you the level of the oil. This way you know when to change engine oil.

Now is the tire rank. You can check their pressure using a gauge that measures the tire pressure. Repeat this every week.

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#3. Check the battery

Check The Battery
Check The Battery

It may all happen that the car battery is discharged when you need more. It’s not a pleasant situation, right?

To avoid this, never ignore the battery discharge signal, and check it regularly. Check for leaks, and regularly clean with a brush cleaning the minerals built around it.

#4. Replace the ignition plugs

Replace the ignition plugs
Replace the ignition plugs

If you notice that your engine is not working efficiently, then it is probably the fault of the electric plugs. They usually last for about 50,000 miles, but you can see the manual of your car, as this lifespan is different in different cars.

#5. Balance your tires

Balance your tires
Balance your tires

This is easier to avoid tire wear and increase life expectancy.

Not all tires are consumed for the same time period. Therefore, rotating the front and rear tires, you balance the wear and tear more resistant.

Make sure your car’s tires are perfectly aligned, as otherwise you may lose control of your car.

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#6. Clean the windscreen and replace the wipers

Clean the windscreen and replace the wipers
Clean the windscreen and replace the wipers

Dirty windscreen can be annoying if it is not cleaned regularly and can cause accidents.

It is very important that the driver has a clear view of a safe journey. If you do not regularly clean the glass, accumulated impurities may weaken the quality of the glass.

If the rainy season is approaching, check the wipers, and replace it whenever you need it. Damaged wipers can scratch the glass and hinder your view.

#7. Inspect and change the belts

Inspect and change the belts
Inspect and change the belts

If these belts are damaged, they may cause damage to other accessories, which may increase the repair bills. It is recommended that the belt be changed every 100,000 km, but it depends on the model of the car.

#8. Make sure the cooling system is working

Make sure the cooling system is working
Make sure the cooling system is working

Tubes that hold engine coolants can be damaged very quickly as they circulate high pressure fluids, which can break if they have too high pressure. Heating tubes also face the same problem.

The best way to do a more efficient job is to create a balance between these two, and check them regularly.

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#9. Check the brakes

Check the brakes
Check the brakes

In the movies we have seen scenes where the brakes stop functioning, which leads to accidents. Do not let this turn into reality, as there may be a lot of crisis.

If the braking system is efficient, your car will live longer. But it also provides a safe ride for you and your passengers.

There is a very simple way to control the brake fluid. If the color is dark, then this is the car signal that it’s time to change it. The dark color of the juice indicates that the fluid is filled with rubbish.

To make the braking system more resistant, replace the fluid every two years.

#10. Cover the car

Cover the car
Cover the car

It may seem to you as a very simple advice, but it has a major impact on car maintenance. Keeping the vehicle protected from sunlight helps outside material and paint last longer.

#11. Drive better

Drive better
Drive better

The way you drive your car is reflected in it. If you drive carelessly, the chances of your car being consumed more quickly are great. Or even the car can be permanently damaged.

Driving with care and safety not only enable slower consumption, but also save fuel.

If you are in the habit of exercising gas quickly or abruptly braking, then this can damage your car. Always drive under the allowed limit, and avoid immediate stoppages.

#12. External engine cleaning

External engine cleaning
External engine cleaning

So far we talked about the care of the engine’s internal parts. But it’s just as important to look at the outside as well. Some impurities in the wrong places can cause damage. You do not need to disassemble the entire car, just take a look at the engine.

Caution: It is through routine checking and cleaning that you detect issues or discover auto parts that need to be replaced. It’s also possible to modify the car with performance parts to upgrade the engine or the vehicle as a whole. Think about the upgrades that would make driving better for you.

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#13. Keep the automotive gadgets with you all the time

Keep the automotive gadgets with you all the time
Keep the automotive gadgets with you all the time

You can face different situations during your travels. Therefore it is good to be prepared. If you leave it repaired later, this may cause additional damage to the machine.

The best way is to understand yourself if the car has a problem that you can do while you are driving.

#14. Protect the headlights

Protect the headlights
Protect the headlights

Take care of your car headlights as they are the best companions on night trips. An extremely dangerous situation can arise if you ride with headlights off.

We also tend to forget to turn off the headlights. This unloads the battery and leads to major damage to the engine.

#15. Protect the car interior

Protect the car interior
Protect the car interior

They all spend a lot of time on the car. No matter how to care for the interior, it is impossible not to spot or scratch everywhere. The best way to maintain the interior is to do a quick cleaning before you get out of the car.

Keep a cleaner spray and a cleaning cloth, and your car will always be clean and fresh.

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In today’s world, we live in our cars. It is therefore logical to take care of as we spend most of the day in them.

Traveling by car gives you more pleasure if the car is in good shape.


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