BMW X7 Vs. Mercedes GLS

We have entered a new era of automotive engineering. In 2000, vehicle manufacturers focused on experimenting to bring variations to different segments. While now they focus on expanding the offer to cover the needs of buyers in all vehicle sizes.

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BMW X7 exists. And this is a proof of the fact that the German car manufacturer does not leave a stone unturned to add variety on the segment.

We can even say that before the launch of the X7, the Mercedes GLS and Range Rover were the only full-size cars that could be purchased in this segment.

The Audi Q7, on the other hand, is rated somewhere between the average size and the full size. It is therefore seen as a rival of GLE and X5.

But let’s just get back to the two German beast cars.

Outside look

The X7 is very similar to the BMW Concept X7 iPerformance. There are glossy headlights, large grille and design language in general. At least for the outside appearance.

Other distinctive features include the large 20-22 inch wheels, flat roof design, and long rear doors.

The size of the BMW X7 Vs. Mercedes GLS

As to size, the X7 has dimensions 516.3 cm long, 199.9 cm wide, and 180.5 cm high. There is a 310.3 cm chassis.

Mercedes GLS is 513 cm long, 193.4 cm wide, and 185 cm high. The chassis is 307.5 cm long.

These figures mean that X7 is longer, wider and has a larger chassis than GLS, although this latest is higher.

However, when Mercedes discovers the new GLS it is expected that these measurements will be more approximate, just like many other factors that would make you choose the X7 instead of the GLS if you had to do it now.

For beginners, BMW may look much more modern, especially if you look at the rear design.

If you look at an angle as shown in the picture above, each model has its strong sides, which make it the edge in design.

The Interior

Few people may prefer the older GLS cabin (as the new one has not yet been detected), instead of the BMW X7.

The Mercedes cab is based on a 2012 design. While the interior of the X7 is the most modern you can find in a BMW.

This means that there is a big difference in on-board technology, where the X7 has a display on the glass, two 12.3-inch screens, ambient lighting, wireless charging, heating and cooling cup holders, voice recognition, gesture control as well as a host of driver auxiliary systems.


Some of these systems are the driver’s assistant with blind spot recognition, lane warning, warning for front and back flaps, pedestrian warning. These are just the systems that come standard with the base price.

Even the Bower & Wilkins sound system is better with 1,500 watts and 20 speakers, compared to 1,400 watts with 14 speakers in Bang & Olufsen’s Bang & Olufsen system.

GLS, on the other hand, has a driving adaptation control. And this is an advantage if we consider advanced driver assistance.

The Price

Finally we can talk about costs. Now that we know that the X7 will cost $73,900, we can see these two models from the perspective of the price, which would be in favor of the old GLS after Mercedes has set a $70,150 price for it.

As much as luxury products go, there is no big difference between these two models. And technically, be confident that BMW will compensate for the $3.750 price difference.

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