Best Smartphone to Buy

Are you looking to purchase a new smartphone but feeling overwhelmed? It is normal to get confused while buying a good-quality smartphone as there are so many pieces available. Choosing the right one becomes harder. So, this blog will accompany you in your smartphone hunt.

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Pick the Operating System

  • iPhone (iOS) is popular for its comfortable user experience, security measures and clear integration with other Apple devices.
  • Android is connected with its integration of Google services. It is known for its adaptable nature and typically low price.

So, iOS is known for its ease of use and Android comes with wide range of affordable options. iPhone gets all of those trending apps at first and it will leave a positive impact with its punctual software updates. But, choose android if you want to explore various hardware options with a limited pocket pinch.

Pick Your Budget

Avoid paying unrequired amount for a phone. But, if you have a big budget, then you can go for iPhones or premium android phones such as iPhone XS, iPhone 11, Galaxy Note 10, etc. However, there are many Best phones under 15000 available in the market. You can choose companies like LG, HTC, Motorola, Xiomi, etc. Xiomi is the new star in the gadget market. This Chinese company has stormed the market with its reasonable as well as expensive good-quality smartphones. Mi Note 10 is the new showstopper in the game. However, this phone is in the high price range.

Pick the Right Screen Size

Screen size depends completely on your taste and on the activities that you are planning to do on your phone. If you are a rigorous gamer and a movie-buff, then pick a phone with a bigger screen size. In this case, you can pick Galaxy Note 10, Mi Note 10. But, if you want your phone to fit into your pockets comfortably, then pick a phone with a 5.5 Inch screen size or less.  Here, you can choose iPhone 7 Plus, Google Pixel XL.

Pick a Smartphone with a Good Battery Life

Nobody wants a smartphone that shuts down after every 5 hours due to dead battery. So, pick a phone that lasts at least 10 hours on a charge. Choose a phone that features quick charge technology (Example: Samsung Galaxy S series, Motorola Droid Turbo series).

Figure Out the Storage Space

Pick a smartphone that has a good storage space (gigabytes or GB) so that you don’t run out of storage and end up deleting some apps or pictures. iPhone’s price range differs only because of its storage space. For example, the only difference between an iPhone 8 (64 GB) and iPhone 8 (256 GB) is the storage space. If you want to buy an iPhone, then pick one with at least 32 GB space so that you can store games, apps, pictures, etc. You can also pick an android with a microSD card slot to expand your storage space.

Pick the Right Display (Colour Quality, Brightness)

Pay close attention to the display’s brightness so that you are able to see things on your phone outdoors. Also, check the colorfulness of the panel (AMOLED panels are much better than LCD). High dynamic range or HDR is offered by latest phones for better visual experience. Mi Note 10 features AMOLED touchscreen.

Check the Processor

To experience better gaming experience and powerful performance in an android, buy one with a Snapdragon 835 processor. The A11 Bionic processor is the main processor in the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X. The A12 Bionic processor is the main processor in the iPhone XS. And, the latest iPhone 11 has the A13 Bionic processor. It is thought that the upcoming iPhone 12 will have much upgraded A14 Bionic processor.

Don’t Forget the Camera

Nowadays, people go crazy for the camera. And, iPhones are popular for their high-quality camera software/hardware. The latest iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max come with the triple-lens camera setup. And, Apple’s other latest phones have 12-megapixel ultra-wide angle, wide angle and telephoto cameras. Galaxy Note 10 features 16 MP ultra-wide camera, 12 MP wide-angle camera and 12 MP telephoto camera. Mi note 10 has become a sensation with its penta camera with 108 MP main camera. Isn’t it amazing!

Don’t get confused and overwhelmed. And, pick the correct one according to your necessities.

About the Author

Pardeep Garg is an online entrepreneur and author. He is passionate about market research and loves to write on topics Market Research, Technology, Business, Gadgets, digital marketing, Finance, Information and opinions to success in life.


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