How to Optimize Your Domain Name: Best SEO Practices of 2019

Use the best SEO practices of 2020 for your domain to be conducive to search engines

Your domain name may look good, but … Is it conducive to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Here’s how to choose your domain name using the best SEO practices of 2020. Concern for SEO start to have before your web site is active. Maybe you would like SEO not to exist? Of course, this would release you from the added burden for optimizing your web site.

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How to Optimize Your Domain Name: Best SEO Practices of 2020

Concern for SEO start to have before your web site is active. Maybe you would like SEO not to exist? Of course, this would release you from the added burden for optimizing your web site.

Unfortunately, SEO is more than present. Moreover, it is evolving.

Although not simple, there is a way to optimize quickly and without much effort on your web site. Starts with registering your domain with the right name.

Below we will show you how to optimize your domain name effectively, according to the best SEO practices of 2020. Are you ready? Continue reading below!

#1. Use keywords

What comes to your mind most when thinking about SEO? Keywords, right?

Keywords are the essence of good optimization. How can you find them in the digital world if you do not use the right words? Do not forget this point when you choose your domain name.

Instead of using keyword phrases (like, use inclusive terms. The reason for this is Google. Google’s goal is to reduce the likelihood of displaying non-quality site-based domain names with many keywords in search results.

To sum up, in selecting a domain name include keywords, but do not focus on selecting them with more specifics.

#2. Make it easy to remember

Everyone who has a web page would like to remember the name of their page. Choose a domain name that is easy to remember. Preferably choose a name that can be pronounced. Do not choose something complicated to say.

Choose simplicity by avoiding unusual words. Also, try to avoid numbers. With regard to length, ideal domains have a length of under 15 characters.

Before you choose make a simple test: Enter your domain name on a piece of paper and ask a friend to read it. If reading is difficult, look for another name.

#3. Do not use other extensions as an alternative

Let’s assume you found the perfect name for your domain. On your favorite registrar page, check whether this name is still free.

It turns out that the only unavailable is the .com version. Meanwhile, all domains with other extensions like .org, .net, .biz, .info, etc .. are free.

In this case, selecting a domain with another restriction is very tempting, but it is not the right decision at all. Creates the impression of copying or fraud.

Individuals who want to enter the .com version, who incorrectly typed your domain, expect a certain content to appear. When they see something different from what they expected, most likely they will not return to you for fear of a fake web page.

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#4. Avoid using Connecting Lines

To facilitate readability, especially when your domain contains more than one word, you may want to put binding lines. The latter are another indication for fake sites.

However, if you really bother compressing some words without partition spaces, you can only add a link. A tie is not as damaging as there are five such lines.

#5. Maintain uniformity

As a brand, you will need to be present everywhere across the Internet. Your web site is one of the forms of online appearance, while presence in various social networks today is a necessity.

To maintain brand uniformity on the Internet, check the availability of domain name on social platforms. Of course, you will not use “” as your name on social networks, but you should make sure that the “mypage” name is still unused.

If it’s busy, you can use sub-missions, or add “blog” or “shop” or “site” at the bottom. However, it is better to label social platforms without any variation from the domain name.

For the implementation of the Best SEO Practices of 2018, start with the domain name

Using SEO is not simple. It will take time to absorb and constantly changes.

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But you can check your domain name. Choose short, concise and easy to remember. Once you have mastered the Best Practices of SEO 2020, you will be ready to optimize the other elements of your site. Hope you found this article useful. Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below, follow us on twitter and facebook for more news and updates.


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