Why Content Delivery Network (CDN) Is Needed for Your Website?

A website, which takes a lot of time to open up, is likely to be in the end ineffective. You are stressed as this happens, and you hope to be back online, as sales have stopped. Does your website need content delivery network? Yes, if you want your site to be incredibly fast and stable. Below are the main reasons why you should start using CDN.

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Why Content Delivery Network (CDN) Is Needed for Your Website?

A website, which takes a lot of time to open up, is likely to be in the end ineffective. You are stressed as this happens, and you hope to be back online, as sales have stopped. My host service has not shown the right quality of the large number of visitors to the website – and is showing it with facts.

Content delivery network (CDN) can ease the traffic load of a loaded website.

Do you wonder why a CDN is essential for the smooth functioning of your website? Continue reading, you will understand what are the undeniable 6 reasons why you should be included on your website.

The Need for Content Delivery Network

When the website host is of a quality, it is sufficient for quick delivery of content to the visitor. But what if a blog post would become viral? What if your advertising campaign is successful and brings thousands of clicks at the same time?

Content delivery network is the rescue for these scenarios. But that’s not all.

#1. WeBsite Security

The CDN retains a local copy of the website and sends to its visitors its local copy. Visitors interact with the site as they always do but without damaging the main servers. This means your host is not affected by the huge influx of visitors.

CDN can distribute site content to some servers. By doing so, your site can afford more users at the same time. Benefits are: less interruptions, less dead pages, and fewer unsatisfied clients seeking unattainable services.

#2. Quick delivery of content

Bring website closer to visitors and they will benefit a faster upload time of the site.

CDNs use servers that are physically located in data centers around the globe. Visitors, by region they come from, will receive the local version of your website. This reduces the loading time and the line after they are not already frustrated by the wait.

This brings us to have …

#3. High conversion rate

Reducing loading time can create a noticeable increase in site conversions:

  • Sales of products
  • Sing Ups for announcements
  • Account Creations
  • Downloads and apps

Why is this happening? Because your website interacts with users without delay. Visitors receive what they require within milliseconds. You begin to guide them while their interest is high.

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#4. Ranking In Research Results

The top SEO shows the time of view or the time people spend on your site. Long stay time tells Google that your web site has met the user’s goal. You can not fulfill this goal if your website is slow and does not respond!

Increasing speeds offers a better user experience. This annoys people to search on your site, and find what they are looking for. As a result, the low percentage of low interaction is added to SEO that is influenced by user engagement.

#5. Experiences Created

Are you familiar with A / B testing? Includes audience sharing and sending variants of the same message. The higher ROI version becomes the new standard with the best conversion rate.

You can do this with content delivery network.

CDN sends variants of your website based on geographic location. You can locate content by means of translation. You can also send specific products, content and experience by location.

#6. Security

DDoS attacks are common and growing. These attacks hurt the web site and host, and create difficulties or inability to access the users.

You can not do business if your website is offline, right?

A CDN can reduce the number of DDoS attacks by distributing page loading. Site cache versions are accessible by site users. A CDN may include SSL, encrypt and protect the data if it is ‘caught up’ during the attack.

Create a Secure Online Presence

A CDN network along with good hosting is a solid link to creating online presence. Make CDN services part of your goals to send the best possible experience to the users. If you do this, you will be rewarded.

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That’s all about Why Content Delivery Network (CDN) Is Needed for Your Website. Hope you found this article useful. Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below, follow us on twitter and facebook for more news and updates.


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