Intel fall back from competing for 5G of smartphones
Intel fall back from competing for 5G of smartphones

Few hours after shocking news that Apple and Qualcomm had signed an agreement, Intel unexpectedly announced it would fall back completely from the 5G modems for smartphones.

Apple has been trying to replace Qualcomm and Intel modems recently, but this latest faced problems with implementing the 5G.

In a press release, Intel said it will not launch a 5G modem for smartphones although it planned to do so in 2020.

There has been speculation that the company has not reached deadlines and even Apple has lost confidence in Intel.

That is why Apple will not sell an iPhone with 5G at least for the next two years at a time when rivals like Samsung and Huawei have already done so.

Intel CEO said they were excited about the 5G but not the smartphones since there was no reliable route that could bring profit to the company.

In November last year it was said that Intel was accelerating the development of 5G modems and even giving a clear plan to CES in Jana.

Now the company says it will develop 4G and 5G technologies for IoT and computers as it will continue to invest in 5G infrastructure.

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