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Getting out of a graduate as an IT fresher and confused about a career choice to make? Don’t know how to get a job? Don’t worry. You aren’t along. These are the major questions millions of the inexperienced IT career aspirants across the globe are asking themselves. There are plenty of job opportunities and a handful of career options in IT, but a fresher should be laser focused and employable before hunting for your first job in core IT career field.

Step #1: Develop a focus

On considering potential IT careers, you hear about programming, coding, testing, technical administration, cloud specialist, to IoT related opportunities now, but the key question is who is who? Ideally, a fresh IT job aspirant needs to do a proper career mapping in order to identify what your actual interests, aptitudes, and strengths are, in order to choose the most appropriate career in which you can find true success.

There are many online resources, or you can try to get the advice or a skilled career mentor in order to get details of different careers and the technology skill-set required for each. Knowing all these, it becomes easier for you to decide which are ideal for you and which are not. Once if you become focused on a limited set of IT career, you can move closer to achieve the goal of setting up a career in it.

Step #2: Enhance your technology skills

For any specialized job role in IT, you may not only need a general degree in math, science, and engineering, but also some in-depth knowledge and technology skill in it. Even if your primary degree is not in IT or any Computer Science related specialty, still you stand a chance to enter into a successful IT career through any such specialization training than getting confused about where do I start if I have no experience?

There are many online and contact training programs for fresh IT job aspirants to develop technology skills in specialized IT field. By undergoing such a good training program, you can learn programming, networking, testing, or even gain advanced skills to handle AngularJS or VMware technologies. The objective of such specialized training is to convert a fresher into an employable professional by giving them exposure to latest industry technologies through real-time training. There are many short-term courses and global certifications too there to consider.

Step #3: Prepare a proper CV for IT

A CV of an IT career aspirant is a professional CV; which, apart from your basic qualifications and demographics, specifies the knowledge and skill-set you have which makes you eligible for the proposed employment. Try to showcase your essential technical abilities and the project-related tasks you handled through your on-job training or certification programs. While preparing it, also keep in mind that your CU should be easily understood by a non-technical HR recruiter too while they handle it at the first point.

Once you reach up to this level, you are much closer to cracking into your first core job. With technology skills, confidence, and a good CV in hand, you can apply for all prospective opportunities coming across your way and secure a winning career.


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