Linkedin launches similar feedback buttons like Facebook

Sometimes a “Like” on social networks does not show what you feel or does not have enough inspiration to write a full comment.

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Today, Linkedin addressed this problem by introducing four new responses that people can use in response to posts on the social network.

In addition to the “Like” button you can already choose between “Celebrate,” “Love,” “Insightful,” and “Curious.”

The fact that a ” Haha ” reaction is missing is enough to say that Linkedin is not a social network where you can have fun.

Reactions are globally available for nearly 600 million today’s users on desktop and mobile applications.

Facebook launched the feedback three years ago and Linkedin has never been quick in adopting new trends. However, it shows that the company is showing responsiveness by providing users with a more dynamic platform and in the hope that it will generate more feedback.

Reactions not only are an incentive to increase engagement but also a company’s attempt to stay competitive with other social platforms.

For Linkedin to continue attracting more users, even smaller add-ons like the latter can make the difference for the social network.

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