New details about the iPhone of the next year are revealed

Taking a leak from the financial giant Barclays, MacRumors reveals that Apple will bring Touch IDs to their 2020 iPhone.

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And, in the typical style of Apple, it will be delayed in the screen reader for this year, but will bring a technological step beyond anything we’ve experienced so far, next year.

Barclays points out that the big difference is that Apple has developed a method to make the Touch ID sensor fill the entire screen.

That means you will be able to unlock this new iPhone by setting your fingerprints anywhere on the screen.

This is a big step forward because readers on screen, unlike their physical predecessors, have no limitations to guide your fingertips and their small detection areas make them less intuitive to use.

Moreover, we should not be surprised at this discovery. Since December, Apple has submitted not less than five patents for the Touch ID screen.

In addition, Barclays points out that Apple’s iPhone 2020 will come with 5G and a new 3D rendering system of rear-facing cameras expected on iPhone 11, but missed the chance.

Barclays adds that the entire 2020 iPhone will have OLED screens.

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