Finally Opera brings VPN to the Android browser
Finally Opera brings VPN to the Android browser

Opera announced today that it will provide free VPN protection for all Android users. The latest version of the application will have the integrated VPN that was first introduced in the beta and for years on the desktop.

Opera 51 for Android has started sand to the Google Play Store today. If you are unfamiliar with VPNs, the service allows you to communicate with a private connection to a server that contains the websites you visit.

Instead of getting and sending information on a public network when it can be intercepted by a malicious actor, all of these data passes are managed by the VPN server. The connection between the phone and the VPN is encrypted and the data is undefined by anyone who tries to tune your online actions.

Opera’s VPN uses 256-bit encryption to protect data. It also hides the location of users through servers located around the world.

Although the company did not talk about the location of the servers, in the beta version users could select between America, Europe or Asia. Opera has promised that it will not retain user activity information.

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