gift basket

How to arrange a gift basket

Making a gift basket on your own is more beneficial than buying a gift basket. In the readymade gift baskets, you will sometimes get your demandable substance and sometimes you won’t get. 

That’s why you should learn how to arrange a gift basket. So that you can create a gift basket as you like. Don’t get nervous because arranging a gift basket is too straightforward. Therefore, be confident and assemble some tools and start arranging your gift basket following my steps.

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Tools & materials you should assemble

While arranging a gift basket, you must need some tools and materials for decorating it with attractive looks. Your required tools should be like pipe cleaners, packing tape, glue dots, and scissors for decorating. 

Materials you will need include basket, paper, paper shreds, cellophane, ribbon, and Styrofoam. Without these tools and materials, arranging the gift basket will be complicated for you. 

How to arrange a gift basket in 7 simple steps

You might have seen lots of tips & tricks or steps for how to arrange a gift basket. But my steps are practical and pretty easier to understand. 

Think about the basket type

There are different types of gift baskets, such as round-up, box shape, pot shape, and more. Now consider how many gift packs you need and what size you will require. As your requirement, choose a proper basket first. 

Gather the gifts in one section

Whatever you choose as a gift, such as a chocolate box, jar, food items, beauty items, just keep them in one place. Also, you can separate them as their size. It will make your arranging process smoother. 

Fill ½ space of the box with paper shreds

Remember, never put the gifts directly on the basket because it looks awkward. It will be better if you fill the ½ space of the box with paper shreds or normal paper. 

Wrap up the gifts (Optional)

If you want to surprise someone, then you can wrap every single gift each one by one. 

Put the gifts one by one

After wrapping them with attractive wrapper, take all larger gifts and put them into the basket. After that, take all the small gifts then arrange them in the upper position of the basket. Don’t overflow the basket with gifts because it looks gauche. 

Wrap the whole basket

When you feel you arranged them thoroughly, then you have to wrap the whole basket. It is crucial because it will protect the gifts from falling down. 

Adjust a gift card

After decorating the whole basket, it’s time to set a gift card in the upper section. Alternatively, you can put your gift card in the basket beside the gifts. Write a sweet wishing comment, and your gift basket is ready to be handed. 

So, I hope this amazing article about arranging a gift basket helped a lot to teach you the whole decorating process easily.

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Alkaline diet

Alkaline diet: Claims, facts, and foods

Does an alkaline diet work? Or does an alkaline diet have any adverse effects?  These are the most common questions about the alkaline diet. 

A few decades ago, the alkaline diet became the hottest topic, when thousands of people are affected by various acidity diseases. That time, doctors and health-conscious people are trying their best to build awareness. They awarded people an alkaline diet helps us prevent building the body’s acidic environment. 

Now, people have realised an Alkaline Naturals foods are secure, effective, and medically reliable. That’s the reason an alkaline diet has become a daily habit for healthy people.

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Does the Alkaline Diet Work?

Promoters believe that it helps to lose weight and prevent the growth of various diseases. But there is no testimony to prove this. 

The research found that an alkaline diet keeps well the liver, lungs, and kidney health. It also keeps our hearts in good shape. But these didn’t achieve by increasing the blood PH level. 

Significant changes in blood PH level mean threatening the lives. But you should not worry because the alkaline diet doesn’t change the blood PH. Moreover, it is possible to change the urine and saliva PH levels.  

The human body is innately alkaline. And also have the optimal acids for proper digestion. So unwanted acidity in the stomach allows various cancer cells to grow in the body.

Low-acidic and low-fat foods help to maintain a healthy life. At this point, the alkaline diet is correct. An alkaline diet is a list of low-fat and low-acidic food. It represents fruits and vegetables as an ideal food rather than meats and processed foods. It helps us to improve our immunity and protect from different diseases. 

What Says Research About The Alkaline Diet?

Rumors spread that the alkaline diet increases the blood PH level. Even some people claim that it increases acidity. But, nothing found in the research, only the supporters claim. 

On the other hand, some nutrition experts suggest that an alkaline diet works to improve overall health. But not in the way of increasing the PH level in blood. 

As I mentioned earlier, an alkaline diet represents fruits, vegetables, and low-acidic foods. Taking these foods has various positive effects on our body. 

Let’s listed some health issues where an alkaline diet may help to reduce the problems-

  • Helps to lose weight
  • Improve kidneys health
  • Prevent growing cancer cells 
  • Keep heart in perfect shape
  • Reduce heart diseases
  • Improve digestions
  • Reduce constipation problems
  • Prevent abdominal problems
  • Increase growth hormones
  • Reduce back pains
  • Prevent Osteoporosis 
  • Build muscles 
  • Increases immunity 


Alkaline Diet Foods

An alkaline diet focuses on low-acidic and low-fat foods.

These include-

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit juices 
  • Wine
  • Soy foods
  • Nuts
  • Mineral soda water
  • Seeds
  • Tofu
  • Legumes like lentils

There is no particular recipe guide for alkaline foods. You may simply follow the list and can make your own recipes.

Acidic Foods To Avoid

  • Meats
  • Yogurt
  • Cheese
  • Alcohol
  • Ice cream
  • Lentils 
  • Fish
  • Poultry
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Processed foods
  • Coffee
  • Soda



No doubt, fruits, vegetables, and other natural foods help us improve our overall health conditions. And an alkaline diet also encourages these types of foods. 

Diversity in a diet plan is essential. People should follow such a diet plan where every initial nutrient is included. However, an alkaline diet doesn’t make any difference in the blood PH level, but it can change the eating habit. 

But before trying any diet plan, one should take a consultation with his or her doctor.

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Travel Around the US

Different Ways to Travel Around the US

There are many options people can choose to travel around this planet. America is so huge, most of them are relevant! Texas alone is greater in size than France. Would-be visitors need to assess the distances they will be traveling and think of speed, comfort, privacy, and freedom to name but a few things. Let’s look at the major options together.

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There are many airlines from which to choose. Chicago is packed with visitors every day, and they walk, taxi, cycle, or use public transport. There are also private charter providers who transport wealthy business people from state to state. Many tourists choose personal jet flights too, be they to visit museums, art institutes, or sporting events. Sometimes it is cheaper to travel by plane than using a train, although people may need to rent a car on arrival at the airport. 


This method maximizes the sense of independence and autonomy. People can enjoy the landscape as they travel. Whilst trains or buses may not take someone to their exact desired location, a car will. Having said that, driving in cities is not a relaxing experience for inexperienced folk. 

People can also rent cars, but they need to have had a license for at least a year in North America. Vehicles can be accessed straight from the airport, but the most economical method is to book from a local city company. If the rental is purely for a one-way journey, there may be a steep fee involved in leaving the car at a drop-off point. 

It’s important to know that the quality of cars can vary greatly between rental businesses. When it comes to breakdown cover and mileage, research the best companies.

People can also rent RVs, which are larger in size. There are plenty of car parks for these, fortunately. 


In North America, Amtrak is the national network. It’s not quite as extensive as those found in other countries, but it’s a valid option for most journeys. Buses are cheaper, but trains are still a great way to admire the scenery. Bookings should be made beforehand. There are additional options for comfort, such as paying for a sleeping compartment with extra food provision. 

There are also historic railroads dotted around America. They feature narrow gauge railways and steam trains. They are a real novelty for all the family, and usually provide sightseeing trips that last up to three hours. 


The traditional bus service is called Greyhound, but there are alternative options too. Megabus provides transport at an affordable price. When it’s not the traveler who is doing the driving, tourists are once again able to sit back and enjoy the view. 

All the biggest cities and towns in North America have bus connections. These get more patchy in the country, however, with fewer services and transport times. 

Ideally, no one wants to be in a bus station late at night. It can feel unsafe, especially for people traveling on their own. People can book reservations in advance, but sadly this doesn’t guarantee a seat. People, therefore, need to arrive and queue early. 


Many roads feature cycle lanes, and buses are okay with people bringing their bikes on board. Cycle trips in the country benefit from the reduced traffic and wider freeways. 

There is also a lot of support for cyclists, such as from the Adventure Cycling Association. It provides map information and details on places to visit. Such amenities as restaurants are also identified for the journies. 

America features some amazing cycle routes for enthusiasts. These include the Tour Of The Battenkill in New York, the Mount Evans Climb in Colorado, and the Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina. 

Hitchhiking and Package Tours

Catching a lift from strangers is not the best idea in America. There are alarming stats of missing persons with rucksacks. It’s also a bad idea trying to catch the attention of passing cars. To do this, people place themselves dangerously close to the vehicles which are traveling at speed. It is for these reasons that some states have actually outlawed hitchhiking.

Some people like their whole holiday being sorted in advance. This may include booking plane tickets, travel to the accommodation and back, and the hotel fees. Big travel companies like Travelocity and Expedia also offer the chance to book day trips and car rental beforehand. This provides a sense of security and guarantees that the traveling experience will run smoothly. 

When the right means of transport has been selected, people can enjoy the journey and see the sights. It will hopefully add up to a truly memorable experience.

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Best shapewear

Best shapewear for tummy and waist in 2020

If you are looking for the latest collection of best shapewear for tummy and waist for a woman, then your search destination ends right here. A fashionable woman is conscious about the tummy and waistline. They want to look curvy and slim. For this purpose, they use shapewear dresses which can reduce the bulky muscles of the stomach and give a perfect shape. There are many online stores for plus size women’s lingerie; however, not all of them are equally good. Some have high price while others are not of good quality fabrics. At lover-beauty lingerie wholesale, you will always find quality assurance women wear. The reason is that every women apparel that is listed on website undergoes a standard procedure of quality assurance test. Because of this, we have made a benchmark for other lingerie making companies.

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Why choose Lover Beauty fashionable clothes for women?

  • The superior quality of fabrics: – All the fashionable women wear that we sell online are made of superior quality of fabrics. They are lightweight and extra smooth. These cloth materials are, which makes them durable. They provide extra comfort to women.
  • Wide variety of shapewear: – Browse latest collections of Lover beauty best shapewear from its official site. Many options are available for women inner wears like anti-slip silicon strip and body shaper with straps.
  • Affordable fixed price: – The price of the women fashionable dresses or inner wears are fixed in Lover Beauty site. There is no fluctuation in prices as our supply is independent of demand in the market because we only launch an exclusive product that makes a fashion statement.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed: – Since these women wears are made of excellent quality fabrics, that is why they provide extra comfort to women. If you purchase shapewear from Lover Beauty official site, then your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Lover beauty is the one-stop-shop for women linger and shapewear dresses. Here you can find a variety of lingerie and innerwear for ladies. These products are available at an affordable, fixed price. Lover beauty shapewear is famous throughout the globe because it provides extra comfort to ladies. They are designed with perfection, which makes them look even more attractive and elegant.

From the official site of Lover beauty, you can browse best shapewear from rolling down and women’s innerwear products. These women wear made in different shapes and sizes that can give a perfect shape to your body. Those women who are conscious about their looks and shape of body want to give perfect shape to their body by using excellent shapewear. This shapewear is not only cool from inside but also control sweat in summer seasons. They give a lift to the buttocks, and breast areas thereby giving you a curvy and sensual look. Plus size women can also purchase lingerie as there is a vast collection of trendy, fashionable and comfortable women innerwear in the official website of Lover beauty. These women wears are exclusive products and are available at an affordable and cheap rate. In case you have been searching for sexy lingerie wholesale then you must try Lover Beauty inner wear products for ladies. At this reputed sexy lingerie wholesale you will find many shape wears for tummy and waist for women.

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Signs Of Narcolepsy

The Signs Of Narcolepsy And How It Affects The Body

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for your wellbeing, both physical and mental. Your body and brain require good quality sleep in order to recover and recharge so that you can function well the next day and remain healthy. Unfortunately, a few conditions affect how much people sleep as well as the quality of their sleep. This, in turn, results in damaged physical and mental health.

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Narcolepsy is a known sleep condition, which causes the individual to suffer from excessive sleepiness, hallucinations, sleep paralysis, and in more severe cases, cataplexy. This condition affects both men and women, and symptoms tend to manifest during childhood or adolescence. Diagnosis of this condition is not usually quick and patients can suffer from symptoms for a few years before this is recognized. In this article, we will discuss the signs of narcolepsy and how it affects the body.

The Signs of Narcolepsy

There are five main symptoms of Narcolepsy – however, people with this condition may not have all of these or suffer them on the same frequency. Each individual is unique and so it will be their own experience. Although understanding the main signs to look for remains important.

Excessive Daytime Sleepiness

The most common symptom experienced by people with Narcolepsy is sleeping way too much during the day. This symptom is called excessive daytime sleepiness. It may not come as a surprise seen as this condition affects sleep, therefore sufferers feel constantly tired and are unable to remain alert during the day.  This also usually stops people from living a normal life as they do not have the energy that most of us do to undergo full days at work or social activities.


Cataplexy is characterized by a sudden inability to control your muscles and reduced consciousness. This sign does not affect every person who suffers from Narcolepsy, as studies estimate it affects just below 75% of narcoleptics, and it is generally triggered by emotions such as anger, laughter, or surprise.


A good percentage of those who suffer from this sleep condition, experience dreamlike hallucinations as they are falling asleep, and they are not usually pleasant and stop the individual from falling asleep.

Sleep Paralysis

Sleep Paralysis affects less than half of individuals with Narcolepsy and it can be a very scary experience for those who experience it. During this phase, people feel incapable of moving muscles or speaking as they transition between asleep and awaken states. Patients often also experience hallucinations as these happen, which can turn into night terrors for many.

Sleep Disruption

The vast majority of people with Narcolepsy will suffer from sleep disruption, considering the signs we have previously discussed. Individuals often experience frequent awakenings and are unable to get good quality sleep. The professionals behind Sleep Authorities say that sleep is required for your wellbeing. Therefore, it is important that if you experience such disruptions, that you consult sleep experts, who provide reliable information online on how to deal with sleep issues. Ultimately, you should seek medical help in order to get adequate treatment to support you in obtaining a good night’s sleep.

How It Affects the Body

Feeling Exhausted and Low Energy

Individuals suffering from Narcolepsy, as discussed above, will not be able to experience a good night’s sleep. This is due to continuous sleep deprivation being suffered by these people. For this reason, their body will not be receiving the recovery rest it requires therefore people will be feeling very sleepy and even fall asleep during daily activities.

Loss of Muscle Control

As previously mentioned, one of the signs of Narcolepsy is the sudden loss of muscle control, which is what normally happens to muscles during REM sleep cycle. This is often manifested through a slack jaw, or weak arms and legs, even causing people to fall.

Loss of Awareness Between Dream and Reality

The unique symptoms of Narcolepsy, make it difficult for the individual to differentiate between sleeping and awakened states. This is worsened by the hallucinations and sleep paralysis that accompanies this sleep disorder and in which people experience vivid dreams.

Narcolepsy and the Brain

Narcolepsy has an impact on the structures in the brain that support us to remain awake. Usually, warning signs derive from the brain stem, a section deep in the brain in control of various elementary functions. These signs extend to all areas and “wake up” the rest of the brain. As this occurs, a group of cells in another section known as the hypothalamus generate the chemical hypocretin, which triggers and sustains the action of those alerting signs deriving from the brain stem. Individuals with Narcolepsy do not have the ability to produce hypocretin meaning that it is difficult for them to stay awake and experience vivid hallucinations as a result. This also has a negative impact on other essential hormones such as dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine, which are required to reduce depression. 

Living with Narcolepsy can be extremely difficult, as it will affect your overall lifestyle and your health. Learn what signs to look for and how it affects the body in order to recognize it – If you believe that you or a loved one are suffering from Narcolepsy, make sure you seek medical help to support you. 

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Kim Kardashian

Kim back to “normality”, sex photos in the middle of the night (PHOTO)

The reality show star has posted some incredibly sexy photos

Kim Kardashian seems to have “overshadowed” the drama of her husband Kanye West’s mental disorder and has returned to “normalcy”.

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The reality show star has posted some incredibly sexy photos on her Instagram.

The 39-year-old appears posing in a bikini in a pool while enjoying a cocktail. For more see the gallery below:

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Rita Ora

Rita Ora raises the “temperatures” in tight bikinis (Photo)

The famous singer is back in the UK after spending most of her summer holidays in Greece and Ibiza

Rita Ora felt nostalgic as she shared a video with a series of poses on a cruising yacht. The 29-year-old looked incredible in the clip as she showed off her figure in tight orange and black bikinis.

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Rita allowed her blond hair to fall loosely as she completed her look with some gold necklaces. The singer of the hit ‘How To Be Lonely’ wrote next to the video: ‘Here is a memory I found”.

Before Greece, Rita was on holiday in Ibiza with her friends and her new boyfriend Romain Gavras. The singer has aroused envy with her picturesque bikini photos separated from the villas of Ultima Corfu.

Her holiday villa in Corfu is certainly suitable for a superstar, boasting seven apartments, a two-level pool, and its 78-meter private yacht. The 1,000-square-meter house, which can accommodate up to 14 people, features stunning views of the Greek and Albanian coasts, a cinema, and a waterfall.

sources (1,)

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Lose Weight

Is It Possible to Exercise and Still Not Lose Weight?

With a pandemic sweeping through the world, leaving behind untold misery and disaster in its wake, many people, as a way to prevent the virus from seriously affecting them and making them ill, are turning to exercise to strengthen their bodies, lose weight, and improve their overall health. Governments across the world have recommended exercise as a remedy to the COVID-19 virus, and because of this, people are frantically heading to gyms, out on runs, and exercising at home – a problem arises, however, when exercise bears no fruit. There are many reasons why you may exercise and still not lose weight, and this page will discuss a few of them – as well as sharing a few tips to lose weight effectively.

Is it possible to exercise and still not lose weight, you ask? Well, let’s find out…

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Weight loss supplements are very helpful and can be a fantastic way for a person to lose weight – if you are exercising but not losing weight, you may need to consider supplements. Many people use supplements to help them lose weight to great effect. The fitness specialists from explain that diet pills affect people differently, meaning you must research the diet pill of your choice carefully, lest it not work. Diet pills are a fantastic way to lose weight, while still living healthily and exercising. You mustn’t ever take weight loss supplements while not exercising, as it would be counterintuitive, and you will see no real changes.


You may not be losing weight while exercising because you have not made any changes whatsoever to your diet. It is essential, should you want to lose weight, to be in a deficit of calories. This means your body must burn more calories than it takes in from your diet. Exercise is a fantastic way to burn calories, but for you to actually lose weight, you must exercise in combination with a calorie deficit. Exercise alone is unlikely to lead to significant weight loss, studies suggest. Most calories are burnt through basal metabolic rate. This is the process that sustains life, such as digestion and breathing – even your brain burns calories. Physical activity, surprisingly, takes up far less energy. Without a significant reduction in the number of calories that you consume, you will likely never lose weight, and this may be why you are seeing no benefit from your exercise routine.

Fad Diet

Another reason that you may be experiencing no significant weight loss is that you may be following a fad diet – fad diets often come with serious consequences to the health of those who are undertaking them. They seldom work as they are suggested to and can leave the users with nutritional deficiencies. A fad diet may be the reason that you are experiencing no weight loss, and rather, maybe putting weight on. Always check the calorie intake of the food that you are eating to ensure that you are consuming fewer calories than you are taking in.


You may simply not be exercising enough – it is very common for people to think that they are exercising far more than they are, or to think that they should be experiencing more dramatic changes with the level of exercise that they are performing. If you are not seeing any significant change to your physique through exercise, but everything else is in order, it may well be worth exercising more. People generally see significant changes after exercising for upwards of two-hundred and twenty-five minutes of exercise a week. If you are exercising for less than that, then you may not be exercising enough to warrant any serious changes.

Sugary Foods and Drinks

Sugary foods and drinks can be the reason that you are not seeing any significant changes to weight loss. Junk food is very high in calories and can when used in combination with exercise, counteract any of the exercises that you may be doing. If you are consuming a lot of sugary drinks, you may not be able to lose weight and may find yourself putting on more than you shed. Sugary foods and drinks are very harmful to you and can cause serious health problems. Sugary foods and drinks must be avoided at all costs when you are exercising, lest your efforts fall in vain.

Health Problems

If after addressing everything suggested here, you still cannot lose weight, you may need to see a doctor. A doctor could potentially help you with a strategy to lose weight and see healthy changes in your body.

Now, with the help of this page, you know why you may not be losing weight while exercising. Exercise is very good for you and must be carried out should you want to live a long, healthy, and happy life.

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Cancer 101: Comprehending Cancer & 5 Ways to Deal With It

Cancer is a series of diseases caused by abnormal cell multiplication and spreads to the body’s other organs when one gets infected. The spread of cancer in the human body is called metastasizing, which causes death to the infected person. The disease is also called a neoplasm or a malignant tumour. Cancer is among the dangerous conditions that are counting to the end of many people worldwide.

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Types of Cancers

There are different types of cancer as they affect differently in both genders affecting the treatment. Males are commonly involved in the following organs; lungs, prostate, colon, stomach, and the liver, while the females are commonly affected in the outlined organs; breast, colorectal, lung, cervical, and thyroid. Cancer affects a person in four stages, and by this, classified as:

Carcinomas is the first stage of one’s infection covering the skin surfaces with tumours in organs such as the breasts or prostrate, resulting in breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Sarcomas – the second stage of cancer involves the sarcoma getting into the muscles, fat, blood cells, and nerves. During this stage, cancer is curable.

Leukemia’s – after the sarcoma stage, the cancer virus gets entangled with the blood, making it called blood cancer. During this stage, the virus affects the normal functioning of the blood cells, enlarging enormously. Leukemia is categorized into four: acute lymphocytic, chronic lymphocytic, acute myeloid, and chronic myeloid leukemia.

Lymphomas – this is the final stage, and it begins by destroying the lymphatic system that helps fight infections in the body. Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphoma are the two main types of lymphomas stage.


It depends on the type & stage of cancer, treatments to remove the tumour or slow its growth may include some combination of surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy or immunotherapy treatment.

Significant Ways to Deal

There are numerous ways you can deal with the disease; you can either know all the facts and details about your progress to be involved in the decision-making process or keep the doctor’s details. Outline are some of the ways you can deal with the disease:

Being Transparent in Communication

After being diagnosed with the virus, you should be honest in sharing all the information with your family and friends. It avoids your loved ones and the doctor not to keep crucial information away from you. When you honestly express your feelings, your family and friend can strengthen you and vice versa, and it helps one expand your life span as you don’t live a false life.

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Excising your body is and participating in manual activities helps a lot to cope with the infection. Involving in these activities helps one to live longer and also cope up with the medications. Also, choosing wisely the nutrients that one input to the body plays a significant role in the treatment. It helps manage stress and fatigue caused by the disease and increases the body’s energy level.

Accepting to be Monitored

Most family members and friends tend to leave and forget about you, but some keep up with you to your last breath. Accepting them to help you with home chores, being driven to the hospital, preparing meals for you makes them get a sense of contributing during the tough times. It helps to evade stress and fatigue in your family members.

Living a Normal Life

Maintaining one’s everyday life and adjusting where possible plays a critical part in one’s life. One should take every challenge that occurs every day with ease. You can organize and plan your schedule well.

Checking Impacts on Finances

Many financial burdens arise as one funds a lot the cancer aid treatment. Medication costs, travelling to the hospital costs are costly, making one bankrupt.

In a nutshell, as discussed above, it can be recommended to follow the significant ways to deal with the disease.

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Dua Lipa

PHOTO/On vacation in California, Dua Lipa sets the network on fire with sexy photos

The singer from Kosovo, Dua Lipa, does not stop to amaze with her appearance

A singer with a strong voice, and quite successful songs, Dua seems to have it all.

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The singer of the hit “new rules” is vacationing in California, while the latest photos posted have set the network on fire.

Dressed in a pair of orange bikinis, Dua looks super sexy.

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