Youtube To MP4

YouTube is a huge video platform, and it is expanding every day. The majority of people spend their time scrolling through YouTube videos. But what if you have a bad internet connection and you desperately need to watch a YouTube video. Sometimes people can’t watch their favorite videos due to busy routine, or poor internet connection as well.

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What Should I Do?

Well, now there is a solution to the above-stated issue. That is – “YouTube to MP4 Converter“. This tiny, yet quite useful tool can be used to convert youtube videos into the preferable video format, i.e., mp4. People are usually reluctant to use such converter tools due to the suspicion of malware. But it is safe, easy, and free to use.

Why So Much Hype About This Converter?

Youtube to mp4 converter tools has gained immense popularity in a couple of years due to its usefulness and major demands. Let’s dig deeper and know the possible reasons why YouTube to mp4 can be the best choice. 

1. Free To Use

One of the most appealing factors of youtube to mp4 converter is that it is absolutely free of cost. You do not need to burn your pocket to enjoy your favorite youtube videos. It is a compact, budget-friendly solution for all.

2. Varied Language Options

After the advent of the latest converter tools, you are also given the option of choosing your preferred language for the best-in-class user experience. This latest feature in the tool is truly laudable. Now you can enjoy youtube videos in mp4 format plus your preferred language. 

3. Editing Features

Do you want to edit your converted video? Whoosh! Your wish comes true. In the latest youtube to mp4 and mp3 converter tool “YoutubeToMp3App”, you are provided with editing features. It offers a personalized video experience to users. Trimming a converted video, making certain changes possible after the launch of the latest audio/video format converters. You can edit your videos efficiently via converter tools.

4. Best Audio Quality

Usually, after a video conversion, its sound quality deteriorates a bit, and it’s not equivalent to the original video anymore. A video is indeed incomplete without a good audio quality. The latest trendy converter tools convert your video into a high-quality format that provides excellent sound. Now do not compromise on sound quality anymore during video conversion.

Such interesting features and capabilities qualify a YouTube to mp4 tool to be a must-have utility program. Now let’s check out some top-five Youtube to mp4 converter tools in 2020.

  1. Any Video Converter: This versatile tool allows you to download and convert video files from any source. Its smart interface and varied download options make it our top choice on this list.
  2. 4K Video Downloader: This tool, unlike other converters, is ad-free and provides a sleek user interface for convenience.
  3. Free Youtube Download: It is one of the most widely used converter tools of its kind due to simple design and useful features.
  4. aTube Catcher: This one is the oldest tool, among others, but it’s advanced format options make it irresistible. In addition, it also supports PSP format, used by various gaming consoles by Sony.
  5. YTD Video Converter: With this converter, you can convert videos in all popular formats like Mp4, Flv, MOV, 3GP, and AVI, etc.

Final Words

All the above-mentioned tools are free, convenient, and easy to use. The interface provided is user-friendly as well as simple. Additional features like editing, language options allow them to be the best available choice. Do try these tools and enjoy uninterrupted youtube videos.

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