Samsung may be developing processors for autonomous Tesla cars

The self-drive car is one of the famous technology fields that is underway. We are seeing the involvement of all types of companies in this technology, not just the car manufacturers.

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The list includes Apple, Baidu and Google, just to name a few, but now a report from Korea suggests that Samsung can also be included.

In a report by The Korea Herald, anonymous sources claim that Samsung may be developing processors for self-drive cars and can work with Tesla in this technology.

The report claims that Samsung has been “aggressively” employing software engineers specializing in autonomous driving technologies, and that it could be part of a new Samsung department.

However, the report notes that as far as Samsung is concerned, their official stance is negligent, where the company has denied rumors about plans for a new business unit for autonomous vehicles or vehicle components such as the aforesaid chip.

But at the same time considering how different Samsung rivals, including LG, are exploring this particular industry, it would not be surprising if Samsung were involved in it.

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