6 Good Ways To Improve Your Business,

6 Good Ways To Improve Your Business

6 Good Ways To Improve Your Business

With the economy in a slump and competition for customers getting tougher, it is more important than ever to make sure you’re doing everything possible to increase your business’ success. This article lists down some good ways that will help you improve your enterprise.

1. Refine your business plan

One of the primary things that you can do to improve your company is to refine your business plan. Re-examine this plan regularly. This can be done through self-analysis or by asking employees to provide feedback and suggestions for improvements during meetings. Revisiting your business plan is important because it keeps you focused, makes sure that everyone in an organization knows what’s expected of them, and ensures that company goals are being met.

  • Be open-minded when considering new ideas

There will always be people who come up with great ideas that might help improve operations in your business. It’s important to listen and consider these suggestions carefully despite how outlandish they might seem at first. Explore every avenue no matter how irrelevant it might initially appear to be. This is one way that businesses can grow and eventually become successful with their operations in the industry they’re serving.

  • Be realistic in setting goals for the future

One of the best ways to keep an organization growing is by setting attainable, measurable, specific, and time-based goals. This way managers have something concrete to shoot for when handling their staff which will motivate them to do their best. The goals should also be realistic, which means not setting the bar too high or too low for employees to reach.

2. Research your competition

You should also take the time to research your competition. Find out what your competitors are doing right and how you can do those things yourself. Take the time to find out the areas where they’re lacking so that you will know better ways to serve customers in a way that no other company can match.

Network with people in the industry and build relationships

There is also the option for you to meet with other business owners and find out how they’re able to get ahead of the competition. This can be a great way for you to learn new things that will help your own company improve in terms of its marketing efforts, employee satisfaction, or customer relations.

3. Leverage technology

In these modern times, you need to get ahead of the competition by leveraging technology. If you are running a vet clinic, then make sure to reap the advantages of veterinary software in helping you achieve your goals. In the same manner, if your business is in line with the hospitality industry, then you should be able to see how software like Hotelier can come in handy.

4. Make sure your employees are happy and well taken care of

Following through on employee happiness is one way to improve business performance. It can be as little as treating everyone with courtesy or it could mean giving them the tools they need to do their job and helping them learn new skills that will help further their careers as well as the company’s goals.


Take the time to examine your personnel needs. Make sure you have the right number of people doing the right jobs for efficient operations, and that employees are trained in their specific duties to ensure maximum output. Employers should take care not to over-burden or under-utilize their staff. This makes them frustrated which can lead to lower morale and less productivity. It also increases your workload and makes you a less effective leader.

  • Make sure you have good people at all levels of management and leadership

This is one way that businesses can improve by making sure they have the right leaders for the right jobs. This results in happier employees who can reach their goals and produce more for the company, which ultimately leads to increased revenue.

  • Increase productivity through delegation and outsourcing

If certain tasks take up too much time or that you aren’t skilled in, then maybe it’s time to delegate these more mundane tasks. You can outsource them or give your employees some additional responsibility if they’ve proven themselves worthy of the task. This will help improve productivity and make sure everyone can play their part for maximum company efficiency.

5. Don’t forget about customer service

One of the best ways for a business owner or manager to keep customers coming back is by providing excellent customer service. This means going the extra mile to ensure that your customers are satisfied with their experiences in your company, whether they’re buying a product or just visiting your place of trade.

6. Promote your business on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter

Social networking has become one of the most popular ways that people discover new products or services they might want to try out. One of the best ways you can improve your business is by making sure that it’s visible on these social media sites. You should also exert the effort to encourage existing customers to promote the company through their accounts.

  • Increase sales with marketing techniques like email blasts or pay-per-click advertisements

One of the most effective ways for a growing company to increase its revenue is by using various types of advertising. These include email blasts to current customers, pay-per-click advertisements on search engines, and even social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.


Also, include a call-to-action at the end of your blog post content. Write one sentence that tells people what you want them to do next, such as sign up for an account with your business, subscribe to your email list, or visit a specific page.

With a good business plan, research of your industry and competition, networking with people in the field, and building relationships to help you grow as an entrepreneur, you will increase your chances of success in your enterprise. Make sure to also put together a marketing strategy that includes budgeting for both times spent on social media or other digital channels. All these are geared towards ensuring that even with the toughest competitions, your business will continuously thrive and grow to scale.

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Writing Skills You Must Know to Make More money,

Writing Skills You Must Know to Make More money

Writing Skills You Must Know to Make More money

Every writer wants to see their content ranked on the top SERPs. Still, you must know to achieve a higher ranking position and a credible position in the digital market. The more experience you gain, the better it would be for you to get what you want. If you have just started your career as a content writer, you must ensure that you read this post. 

In this brief article, we have discussed some tips and tricks which would help you improve your skills and be a better writer. 

Tips to improve your writing skills.

These simple tips and tricks are going to help you in improving your writing skills. 

  • Start writing every day 

The most effective tip that can help you improve your writing skills is to practice every day. You have to ensure that you write content every day if you want to work on your errors. Practice is what is going to make you perfect in all aspects. To master the skills of content writing, you don’t have to write on a specific topic. Rather you can write anything you want. You can start your blog, you can write guest posts, create social media posts, or you can create multiple essays. The more you write, the more experience you would gain. 

  • Always create an outline while writing 

If you want to become a professional content writer and want to improve your writing skills, then you should make sure that you create an outline of the post before you write it. By creating an online account, you can understand what you have to write. Creating an outline doesn’t only help the writer but also the reader. You can easily write down ideas you have for content writing and arrange them in different headings and subheadings. This trick is best if you want to enhance and develop the writing process.

  • Read what you want to write 

As a writer, you must focus on research work and ideation. You can only improve your writing skills if you read and research content relevant to the niche you are working on. Content writing is all about winning the attention and engagement of a common reader. This can only happen if you are capable of creating simple and understandable content. You should know that you can only deliver meaningful content if you understand the content and its core concept yourself. This is why content writers need to spend a decent amount on reading and research. 

  • Choose simple words and vocabulary 

Simplicity is the essence of content writing. If you want to win the interest of the target audience, then you have to ensure that you choose simple words and vocabulary. Making the content complex would do you no good. Usually, writers think that using difficult vocabulary will help them make a good reputation in the market. This is a false concept, and you must know that you can only win a good reputation if you use simple, effective, and understandable words. 

  • Convey the concept/message easily 

Readers are interested in content that has a clear message and concept. This means that you have to ensure that your content is clear and concise. The most common error that writers make today is that they focus on the word count instead of focusing on the main idea of the content. You can use online tools like Grammarly to ensure that the content is of good quality.

  • Always check content for plagiarism 

You have to religiously ensure that you create content that is free of plagiarism. You can use online plagiarism checker tools to check for plagiarism in your content. Online plagiarism detector tools can find all forms of plagiarism in your work because they use AI and advanced algorithms for scanning. Always check plagiarism if you want to win the interest of the audience. Plagiarized content is never accepted by the search engine nor the readers. 

  • Keep sentences and passages short 

You can easily improve your content writing skills by keeping your sentences and paragraphs short. The more concise the sentences would be, the better would be the engagement rate of the audience. Today the attention span of readers has become very short. If you want to engage a potential reader, you have to keep your paras and sentences short!

  • Invest your time in modern writing tools

You can also improve your writing skills with the help of online writing tools. Today you can find hundreds of content writing and editing tools on the internet to help you create high-quality work. This is why we would suggest you invest your time and money in modern content writing and editing tools. Some famous tools include Grammarly, Hemmingway, Ginger, Duplichecker, plagiarism checker. co and many others. 

To become a successful content writer, you have to practice and follow the tips listed above!

3 Tips To Help You Become A Better Blogger

3 Tips To Help You Become A Better Blogger

3 Tips To Help You Become A Better Blogger


Over the past several years, blogging has gone from a hobby to a way for people to make a full-time income. Though it may seem like an easy career path, it can actually be quite difficult, especially when you are just starting out. 

There are so many blogs out there that it can often feel like you’ll get lost in the masses and amassing a large number of readers can seem impossible at times. But blogging can be a great way to get your writing out into the world and also make some income at the same time, so if you think it is something you would enjoy or maybe good at, you should definitely give it a try. If you already have a blog, here are 3 tips to help you become a better blogger. 


Read Other Blogs


Reading other blogs, especially popular ones with a wide readership, is an excellent way to improve your own blog. Take note of what you like and don’t like about their style. If you find a blog you really like, there’s nothing wrong with modeling your own after it! 


Market Yourself


As with any other business or professional venture, if you want your blog to reach high levels of success you are going to have to market it! Just like a real estate agent would send out postcard mailings to get new clients, you will have to hustle to get new eyes on your blog. Fortunately, there are many things you can do in order to achieve this. One great place to start is social media. Get online and make social media accounts (if you don’t have them already) on all platforms so that you can engage with people who might be interested in reading your blog, and then let them know about it. Getting readers for your blog will be easier and quicker too if you already have followers on social media, so that may be something to think about. 


Improve Your Grammar


There are so many ways to improve your spelling, grammar, and general writing skills these days. You may be able to find an online course that can help you, or take an English or Creative writing class at your local community college if you are able. There are also many books and tons of information available online that will help you to improve your grammar and become a better writer. Having a great idea for a blog is a nice first step, but being able to implement that idea by being a strong writer is even better! Some of the most successful blogs are the most well-written, and that’s no coincidence. 


The blogging lifestyle can be a very freeing and exciting one if you can figure out how to do it. The ability to make your own schedule is very valuable, as is being able to speak your mind and knowing that people are reading what you write! Hopefully, these 3 tips helped you to improve your blog. 

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Cellphone Battery - that's what you need to know (8 Tips)

Cellphone Battery – that’s what you need to know (8 Tips)

Despite the many advances in technology that have brought dual camera systems, smaller frames, and the integration of artificial intelligence devices, the industry that is not sufficiently developed is that of batteries. The minimum required is the possibility of a full day of use with one load.

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Cellphone Battery – that’s what you need to know

#1. Even if the battery of the handset is 100%, is there room for a small extra charge? (True)

There is more power in your cellphone battery than the percentage indicates, but if you use it all, you will significantly reduce battery life. Increasing the available power within the battery leads to a reduction in the amount of time it can charge and hurt the internal battery life. In order for the batteries to last for multiple charging cycles, manufacturers limit the amount of power they can charge from the battery.

#2. Having Wi-Fi and Bluetooth open, wasted more on the battery of the device? (True)

In addition to the display, battery consumption is also the fact that the device is trying to connect to WiFi or mobile networks. For example, if you notice that the battery of your smartphone is consumed while driving, because you try to connect to a cellular network


#3. The battery of the handset is destroyed by the use of an informal charger? (True)

Not all chargers are created in the same way and this can cause damage to the battery. Official chargers have special security devices that reduce the amount of power when the battery is fully charged, but some of the unofficial ones do not have these capabilities. This means a rapid emptying of its duration.

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#4. Does the device battery damages if it is charged via a PC or laptop? (Not true)

Slightly slower load is good for the battery. Slow load with less “pressure” taking lithium ions, results in a lesser impact on its destruction. That is why manufacturers are putting restrictions on the devices so they can not be loaded fast.

#5. Turning off the device at random occasionally helps increase battery life? (Not Applicable)

This is a myth, of course. Before the lithium-ion batteries were batteries of nickel-metal hydride, it was impossible to obtain a valid loading level indicator without discharge and recharging completely. By contrast, in lithium-ion batteries, this is no longer so. They can show us their status regardless of the loading level.

#6. Does the handset battery behave worse when it is cold? (Not true)

Indeed, it is the opposite. Trying to keep the battery at low temperatures is much better for his life. Exposing the battery at high temperatures is something that greatly affects her life and leads to its deterioration. But why batteries hate so much fever? The reason is electrolyte. At high temperatures, these electrolytes “damage” something that leads to battery damage.

#7. Should you let the battery reach 0% before recharging? (Not true)

For some strange reasons, batteries get maximum pressure when fully charged and completely discharged.


#8. Does charging the battery more than 100% destroy it? (Yes, but not for the reason you are thinking)

When you leave the battery of the phone connected to the charger and charge it to 100%, charging stops due to security reasons. And she replenishes again when it falls short. However, it is not good to keep 100%, as we said before.

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So that’s all about the cellphone battery! Hope you find this article useful.Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below,follow us on twitter and facebook for more news and updates.


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Five Ways to Get the Most out of Your Internet Connection

The internet has changed our lives. It changes in profound ways every day, with newer and better connections available every year, and we increasingly use it more and more at work and at home.

Unfortunately, the internet doesn’t always follow through on its promise to make life easier. Lousy connections and slow loading speeds can make us feel stressed and frustrated.

Your internet provider probably isn’t the problem. That’s a good thing! It means there are plenty of ways you can get the most out of your internet connection without calling in and talking to customer service.

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Use the Right Equipment

First, you want to make sure you’re using the right equipment for your internet connection. For example, if you’re using an old or incompatible modem, you may find that you regularly lose your internet. If the internet seems to drop out often when you’re in the middle of doing something, you’ll want to find a different device. Using the default modem offered by your network provider often costs extra each month, but it will ensure your equipment is compatible with their service.

It also means using the right Wi-Fi router. Try using a router with omnidirectional antennas, move your router to a different spot, or consider purchasing a Wi-Fi repeater so your signal travels further.

Block Ads

Ads are more than just a minor annoyance. They can actually interfere with your internet speed. The more ads that are loading in real time, the more strain it puts on your connection, and the more likely it is that your connection is going to slow down.

You probably aren’t going to be able to block all the ads, but there are ad blockers out there that can help you drastically reduce the number of ads you see.

Whether you install an ad blocker plug in or not, you should at least be mindful of the ads running on the pages you visit. Pause them or exit out of them so they don’t put so much strain on your connection.

Protect Your Devices From Viruses

Whether in the office or at home, you use multiple devices. They include laptop and desktop computers, but they also include phones, tablets, and smart home technology.

And yet, most people only know how to protect their computer from viruses. It’s important to know how to protect all of your devices. That means doing things like:

  • Installing antivirus software on computers, tablets, and phones.
  • Keeping all of your operating systems and browsers up-to-date.
  • Use a firewall to prevent hackers from discovering your devices.
  • Keep your personal information secure with strong passwords.
  • Shop safely and be mindful of where you click, especially in emails.

Know What Power Cycling Is and How to Do It

Power cycling sounds fancy, but it’s something that’s extremely easy to do yourself. It refers to restarting your router and modem. All you have to do is turn it off and turn it back on again!

There’s a reason why customer service always asks you to turn off your modem and turn it back on again. It can clear out problems, restarting the device fresh.

If you want to get the most out of your restart, make sure you reboot the router and modem the right way. Steps include:

  • Unplug the router and modem
  • Plug the modem back in after at least 30 second
  • Plug the router back in after at least 60 seconds
  • Wait two minutes before testing

If you really want to go above and beyond, try reconfiguring your modem with a new password. It refreshes the settings and connections, in addition to flushing out problems.

Use an Ethernet Cable

There’s no denying that Wi-Fi is convenient. It can work quite well when configured properly, but for devices that don’t move and you use regularly, you should really consider using an ethernet cable.

An ethernet cable can be better than Wi-Fi because it delivers a consistent internet stream. Signal drops are a thing of the past, and ethernet connections are always faster than Wi-Fi. Not to mention, it’s more secure too.

Ethernet cables are best for TVs where programs are regularly streamed using the internet, and gaming devices, so lag isn’t a problem.

Don’t just plug in your modem and router and hope for the best! With just a few tricks, you can get the most out of your internet connection, all without having to pay for faster connections or complain to customer service.


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How to find, edit and delete your YouTube comments (2020)

How to find, edit and delete your YouTube comments (2020)

You may have regretted for an insulting comment you made on a YouTube video during a heated debate or you might be willing to give an argument to someone who commented on your position.

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Either it is possible that you do not remember the comment or you are proud of it and want to share it with others. In each of the above cases, finding comments on YouTube is as easy as editing and deleting them.

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Here’s how to find, edit and delete your YouTube comments easily

Step 1. On the YouTube homepage, click the icon of the three parallel bars next to the YouTube logo, and then click “History” from the popup menu.

Find, edit, and delete your YouTube comments: Step1
Find, edit, and delete your YouTube comments: Step1

Step 2. On the right-hand side of the screen will be a panel with options listed:

How to find, edit, and delete your YouTube: Step2
How to find, edit, and delete your YouTube: Step2

Step 3. Scroll to the comments you want to edit, delete or share and click the three dots next to it. If you want to delete it you can do so from this panel.

Step 4. To edit a comment, click “Edit” and you will be taken to the video where the comment was posted.

How to find, edit, and delete your YouTube: Step 3

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That’s all! Following this 3 simple steps you can easily find, edit, and delete your YouTube comments. Hope it helps! Follow us on twitter and facebook for more news and updates.


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The Last Call! How to Succeed in Domain Auction

The Last Call! How to Succeed in Domain Auctions

Domain auctions are a good service for buying and/or selling a domain. Increase the value of the domain at auction by following the steps in the guide below!

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Until a few years ago, buying a domain for business was considered affordable if it was in the $10,000 range. Nowadays, the value of the domain has increased as every company has its own website and has seen the power of owning as many domains. This makes domain auctions an attractive way to make money.

The Last Call! How to Succeed in Domain Auctions

If you own or are looking to buy some domains, read our guide to making sure you succeed in the next auction.

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How to Buy in a Smart Way

Sites like Sedo.com, SnapNames and GoDaddy Auctions allow domain owners to list the domain they own. You can even sell your domain name on eBay if you are good at marketing. At Flippa.com, you can list for only $9 and only have to pay 15% commission.

If you’re not sure what you want to buy, think about the categories that get people’s attention online. You can buy simple names like “sandwich.com” or “computer.com”, which are URLs that many powerful companies would like to own.

Search for expired domains on sites like FreshDrop.com to view the latest inventory. Find out why the domain has expired and you may become the owner of a domain that the previous owner had forgotten to renew.

Refine the Bidding Process

Before you say your offer, consider how much you will get from that domain. Websites like NameBio.com and DNSalePrice.com allow you to compare prices. Remember that “.com” URLs sell better than other domain suffixes.

If your offer has been won, you should contact the seller. Most markets manage this part for you. If your bid is lost, be careful about the sale and stay in touch with the winning bidder. There are times when these transactions are not executed. So you can intervene and get the domain anyway.

For a domain you want to own, check whois.com to check who owns it. This way you may be able to reach out and bid directly to the domain owner who owns a URL that they may not need.

Start with a quick visit to the site. If the site is complete, the sale price will be high and you can spend a difficult time getting the domain. If there is no page, the URL may have been abandoned by the previous owner or purchased by someone who did not intend to use it.

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Sell ​​as a Professional

When you have a valuable URL, you need to sell it on the right page. Listing on a website that has little traffic or where URLs are sold cheaply would be a frustrating choice. As most transactions are mandatory to finalize this decision is very costly.

Use an evaluation tool to help with setting a price. The older the domain, the higher its value is. If you have a domain that is generating revenue for you, do the same as selling a small business.

If you are selling an important domain, you will not want to lose. Use bail (eg escrow) to relate the transaction. So protect yourself and the buyer at the same time.

Domain Auctions Are Rising

Year after year, the value that URLs draw from domain auctions only increases. Over time, each domain will become more valuable as more people will want to have the advantage of associating a word with a valuable product or brand name.

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That’s all about How to Succeed in Domain Auctions! Hope you found this article useful! Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below, follow us on twitter and facebook for more news and updates.


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How Much Is Your Domain Worth? Tutorial About Domain Valuation

How Much Is Your Domain Worth? Tutorial About Domain Valuation

Your domain name can be the name of a successful start-up or a brand new one. It is important that your domain name should be easily remembered and mean something while describing best your brand. Today, there are many tools available that help generates a domain name. Here, are some Best Domain Name Generators tools with its features and links. But how do you find out how valuable your domain name is? Learn everything you need to know about domain valuation in this article.

How Much Is Your Domain Worth? Tutorial About Domain Valuation

You are extremely connected to your domain, and you were excited to register it.

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But now, you want to look for other things. So, in order to make a sale you need a preliminary assessment of the value of your domain.

Just like real estate valuation, domain valuation tells you how much your website is worth. Knowing the value of the domain helps you negotiate better with stakeholders.

Here’s how to evaluate your domain before selling it:

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Learn What Makes a Domain Worth it

First, you need to know what makes a domain valuable.

Some factors that affect the value of your domain are:

  • Domain suffix, or part of your domain after the point (.com still remains top rated)
  • Popularity and traffic (if a site has a large audience, the buyer can use it immediately
  • Can be changed to a brand name (unique, clear, easily remembered name)
  • Keywords (the keywords that you will optimize for a website and how they perform on search engines
  • Spelling (if your domain name is spelled correctly)
  • Length (the shorter the name, the more willing to pay for it)

Keep these points in mind when searching for a similar domain to determine the value of your domain.

Look for Sale Prices for Similar Domains

Once you have evaluated the performance of your website, based on the above, it is time to conduct a search on competitors.

In order to find out how much others are willing to pay for your domain, look for the price for the same domain extension.

To do this, you will need to collect data on recent domain sales (such as real estate price collection). A great source is DN Journal. This is a site that also tracks recent domain sales – they can show you the biggest sales in the last 3 weeks.

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Use a Domain Valuation Service

At this point, you will need a domain rating service.

This service is just as it sounds. An evaluator looks at the strengths and weaknesses of your site and summarizes them to give you an estimate worth of your domain name.

These services are very helpful because they make the more difficult technical work for you. The most popular domain evaluator is Estibot – which estimates about 2 million domains per day.

Domain Valuation Service
Domain Valuation Service

This is good news for you because they have the data to support their ratings.

You can also get a second opinion using Godaddy’s rating.

Find out the Buyer’s Payment Limit

Now, how much your site is worth and how much people are willing to pay for it are not necessarily the same thing.

A domain that meets all of the criteria listed above may not have many interested clients. On the contrary, a domain that meets few of these criteria can sell quickly.

The best way to discover it? Set up your domain for sale using the estimated price. This is not as drastic as it sounds – many sites allow you to do this very simply, you can even set a floor price (the minimum price you can accept).

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That’s all! Hope you found this article useful! Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more news and updates.


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Galaxy S10 Vs. IPhone: 5 Reasons to Pass On Galaxy S10!

Galaxy S10 Vs. IPhone: 5 Reasons to Pass On Galaxy S10!

It’s almost two months since Samsung’s unpacked event where the S10, S10 +, S10e, S10 5G and Galaxy Flex were introduced, and the question I’m guessing is: Should I consider switching from iPhone to Samsung for iPhone users?

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Below I will make a comparison of the best smartphones that these companies offer.

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Galaxy S10 vs. iPhone: Technical Specs

1. The Screen

Samsung produces some of the best smartphone screens, and the six phones above use these screens. iPhone XS, XS Max and of course the whole line of Galaxy S10 uses these OLED screens.

They all are super sharp, corner to corner and super beautiful. They offer vibrant colors, fantastic lighting and super contrast. The Galaxy S10 is the first to use the HDR10 + certification, on the other hand, the iPhone Xs and XS Max support only the HDR10.

2. Notch

The other change is to size and placement of the notch. The latest Apple phones use the same notch as the previous iPhone. It’s not too wide but it’s long and leaves a lot of space on the side. While the new Samsung line has a much smaller cut.

This means that the new Samsung phones will give more space to use the screen as well as the new cutting of Samsung has inspired and many users to create specially wallpaper to utilize the notch.

3. The Battery 

iPhone XS, XS Max and XR may be Apple’s phones that carry more batteries than all their predecessors. Especially the iPhone XR which has captivated its users with battery performance.

But compared to the new line of Samsung are far behind. The new S10 line with a battery of 3100mAh minimum to a massive 4100mAh battery found in S10 +. Although with a screen almost doubled in Pixels and larger screen the S10 + again manages to have a 7-hour screen usage. In addition to these phones, Samsung supports fast charging and comes with a 15W direct charger in the box. They are also the first to support version 2 of the fast wireless charging. One of the new innovations is the ability to charge other phones.

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Yes Yes you read right, a good friend with the Galaxy S10 can charge your phone / headset as long as they support wireless charging.

4. Three super-cameras of Samsung

Phone makers in recent years are using different camera systems. Google Pixel 3 which is held as one of the best camera phones has just one lens. The iPhone has nearly three years that it has two cameras on its phones. While now Samsung is offering a third camera.

The new Galaxy S10 and S10 + come with a system of three cameras. The main 12mpx camera, the 12mpx telephoto camera and the ultrawide 16mpx camera. Ultrawide camera is the widest camera in the market. At the moment is the most liked camera from the three system cameras.

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Samsung has done a very good job of not removing the Ultrawide camera to the Galaxy S10e but just removing the telephoto camera. Another novelty of Samsung’s camera is and Super steady mode. Which means you can shoot at the cat. 1080p and the video will be displayed without any vibration or vibration.

5. The Price

All the phones mentioned above are from the most expensive phones of the moment. But in this category I compare the two cheaper models.

Both companies have their “cheap” versions of the iPhone XR and Galaxy S10e. The basic price that came out on the market was $750. With this price of iPhone XR Apple has made many compromises. On the other hand Samsung seems to have made no compromise with the S10e.

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Android Vs Android One Vs Android Go

Android Vs. Android One Vs. Android Go

Many of our readers ask what changes exist between Android, Android One and Android Go. If we are going to buy a product with these platforms what are the changes from a normal smartphone with the Android operating system above? Although the users of the three versions may seem to look the same, this does not stand absolutely on the part of mobile manufacturers.

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Android Vs. Android One Vs. Android Go

Below, the neOadviser will present you the main features of any type of operating system.

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Android is the basic ecosystem of most of the phones that are on the market today. Its clean version is called AOSP (Android-Open-Source-Project) and contains all the code you wrote but no Google personalization and even classic Google applications (Gmail, Youtube, Play Store, etc.). Android, as most users know, is Google, which is within Nexus and Pixels, and contains all the GApps, Google personalization and advanced operating system features without changing the UI graphic portion.

Android, like the AOSP version and the “Google” version, can be fully customized by partners that can modify the interface, graphics, apps, and many other parts of the code to optimize the ecosystem for a product, particular market category or needs them.

Android AOSP does not need real certification from Google, and if you want to use the GApps package, you have to go through Google’s approval, regardless of the applied customization.

However, we add that the Android “Google” that is present in Pixel can not be applied identically to other partners, as Google holds the exclusivity of some features such as Pixel Launcher and Google Now sideways (examples that may change over time and with new concessions).

Android One

This is an Android platform that, unlike the first, can not be customized by partners. The interface, features, and features currently run directly from Google based on the devices selected to officially access the Android One package. Manufacturers and partners can install some apps but can be uninstalled and updated through the Play Store without any problems from the users.

That’s because all Android One devices are tracked directly by Google, which updates them, releases new distributions, and considers them very close to Nexus experience for support and update speeds.

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Android One was born with the goal of bringing Android’s experience into emerging markets and increasing ecosystem expansion.

The main purpose was transformed over time because Android One’s phones are of great quality and available in many markets.

Android Go

This is a real version of Android Oreo Lite. Based on the latest release of the ecosystem Google, Android Go, will reach 2018 and try to do what failed to bring Android One to emerging markets. Unlike Android One, the Go version is deeply different because:

    • Can be installed on devices with 1GB RAM or less (512MB)
    • there is another set of Google apps that have been optimized:
      • to consume less data from the internet
      • to get less RAM
      • to get less internal memory
  • uses all the Lite apps that developers have built in the Play Store (it’s suggested installing this type of app, but potentially you can also install the normal version on condition that you have the available memory)
  • will use Youtube Go and other optimizations from Google
  • will allow the integration of operator and customer plans throughout the ecosystem

Additionally, Android Go will receive the same type of support with monthly updates and distributions that are followed directly by Google. Just like for Android One, Android Go will not be able to be customized at system level and interface from partners.

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