Crucial Ballistix

Micron introduces the next-gen of Crucial Ballistix gaming memory

Crucial Ballistix gaming memory series consists of two lines: Crucial Ballistix and Crucial Ballistix MAX.

Micron, the parent company of Crucial Memory, has announced the next generation of Ballistix gaming memory. The memory was introduced during the CES2020 and was created with the help of Micron components intended to deliver high-frequency, low-latency, KitGuru reports.

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Cruicial Ballistix memory modules reach speeds between 2400MHz and 3600MHz, with capacities from 4 GB to 32 GB. Crucial Ballistix has an up-to-date black heat conductor, eight RGB zones with 16 LEDs that can be controlled with the help of popular lighting control software. Memory is available in DIMM format or SODIMM laptop.

Crucial Ballistix MAX Series
Crucial Ballistix MAX Series

The new Crucial Ballistix MAX Series further boosts the speed from 4000MHz to 4400MHz on modules between 8GB and 16GB. The memory features a black aluminum heat conductor and integrated thermal sensors for maximum real-time heat dissipation and monitoring. RGB lighting is also available, which can be controlled with the help of ASUS Aura Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion and MSI Mystic Light software.

The Crucial Ballistix and Ballistix Max Memories will go on sale from February 4th.

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