Effective Trading Methods For Beginners,

Effective Trading Methods For Beginners

Effective Trading Methods For Beginners

The crypto markets are booming once again in this second part of 2021. While some investors are willing to risk it big and buy Dogecoin, others are looking to learn about a more balanced way of making profits from crypto. Trading can be a very lucrative venture if you know what you are doing. However, it’s important that you learn the basics before you start your trading journey. While profitable, trading can be very risky as well. For this reason, we created this short post with some of the most beginner-friendly methods to become a successful trader. We also list some additional tips that should help you reduce the risks of this potentially profitable enterprise.


Let’s delve in.

Trading vs investing for beginners

Before we go into more depth about the different methods of trading, it is important to note that regular investing is a much more approachable profit-making method. Strong cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum appreciate in value in the long term, making them great choices for beginners. Additionally, you can use dollar-cost averaging to soften the price curve and reduce your exposure to the volatility of the market. Below is a short overview of how this investment strategy works.

Dollar-cost averaging – the best beginner strategy

Dollar-cost averaging or DCA is an investment method that consists of purchasing a certain cryptocurrency at regular intervals, using a previously fixed amount. This is done regardless of the current price of the currency, as it’s a long-term strategy.

The goal is to slowly accumulate coins to sell them for a much higher price down the road. The length of the strategy can vary, but it’s best employed on a multi-year time span and with fundamentally strong coins such as Ethereum or Bitcoin. With that said, DCA is a long burn, and you won’t see the results before considerable time has passed. For more immediate (and riskier) returns, keep on reading to discover some beginner-friendly trading strategies.

Trading methods for beginners

Below are two methods that are most suitable for beginners, as they don’t require too much technical analysis to be successful.

Swing trading

Swing trading is a mid-term trading strategy that mainly relies on following price trends. The goal is to use the positive and negative market dynamics to make a profit from price fluctuations. The modus operandi, while obvious, is worth mentioning: buy low to sell high. You should be watching the price trends and detecting when a certain cryptocurrency has bottomed out. Then, buy a certain amount and sell it when its price reaches an acceptable profit target.

For this, you can use simple technical analysis like support and resistance, as well as following trend lines and detecting breakouts. Moreover, you can use sentiment analysis to detect when the price of cryptocurrencies might sway one way or the other. LunarCrush is a great tool that will help you determine the social media attention and market sentiment about different coins.

Arbitrage trading

Arbitrage is the process of buying a cryptocurrency on one exchange and selling it on another for a better price. As you might notice, this doesn’t require any type of analysis, just a keen eye to detect price discrepancies between different exchanges.

To be successful at arbitrage, you should make a list of reliable exchanges to work with. You need to be 100% certain that your transactions will be fast enough to take advantage of the price discrepancy. Otherwise, you might miss the window of opportunity and not be able to make any profits.

Additional beginner tips

In addition to these two beginner-friendly methods for trading, here are a few essential tips that should help you stay on the safe side when trading cryptocurrencies.


  • Choose a reliable exchange – only work with exchanges you can trust with your money and where you won’t have any trouble making withdrawals.
  • Use stop losses – put a stop loss on every trade. This will allow you to limit the damages if the trade doesn’t go the way you planned.
  • Never invest more than you are prepared to lose – cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile. While they can bring in incredible profits, they can also make you lose your entire capital in minutes. Consequently, never trade with money that you need for daily expenses.
  • Never go all-in on a single cryptocurrency – in other words, you should never put your eggs in one basket. Cryptocurrencies come and go and some projects might crash, leaving you with worthless tokens in your portfolio. Diversify to reduce your exposure to a single asset.

Concluding thoughts

Trading can be very profitable if you take the necessary precautions and learn how to do it properly. To be able to make a regular income from trading, you should first and foremost deepen your technical analysis knowledge.

Being able to read charts will help you be more consistent in your winning trades and you will be able to learn from past mistakes. With all that said, you can start your journey as a DCA investor and slowly shift your attention to trading as you become more comfortable with the ecosystem.

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4 Profitable Business Ideas Aimed at Parents With Small Kids,

4 Profitable Business Ideas Aimed at Parents With Small Kids

4 Profitable Business Ideas Aimed at Parents With Small Kids

Having a baby is a challenge. Likewise, providing for your family while raising a baby or a toddler can be a challenge in and of itself. A lot of parents give up at least one of their income sources to raise their family. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. There are many business ideas for parents to take on which can be worked even with small children around. Here are four profitable business ideas aimed at parents with small children.

1. Baby Clothes Designer

When it comes to clothes, parents know how easy it is for their kids to grow out of them. Additionally, babies need fun, cute, and comfortable clothes to stay happy. As a parent, you know what’s best for your kiddo, so why not share those years of experience as a parent with the world through your own business of baby clothing designs. Many parents are always looking for the latest fashion trend for babies, so now you can be a part of the solution instead.

Designing baby clothes can be an entertaining job for entrepreneurs who have a knack for fashion and design. You can design anything from booties, mittens, to even a baby snowsuit. Additionally, you can use design hot or cold weather apparel as well as accessories like hats and socks to match your outfits. You can set up an eCommerce shop and start generating a side income while you work on your new business for newborns or toddlers or both.

2. Baby Brand Marketer

Babies have so many products that need to be marketed and advertised. As a baby brand marketer, you will be in charge of advertising baby products to the rest of the world. You will create content for social media as well as sending email marketing campaigns. If you want a more challenging job, you can also look for a franchise opportunity that can make you your own boss.

To become a successful franchise owner, you will need customer service skills as well as marketing, business management, and organizational skills. Like all businesses, it will take some time to see your profits, but the experience will be beyond rewarding.

3. Baby Photography

Baby photography has got to be one of the most fun jobs for parents raising their infants. They get to make cute scenarios for children and photograph them doing silly faces and adorable poses. They also help families create memorable moments to include as a part of their home décor. Moreover, as a baby photographer, you’ll get the chance to capture some of these babies’ first moments on this earth.

To become a baby photographer, you’ll need to own your own camera, a love for children, and a brand name. This is a job you can do part-time, full-time, freelancing, and even on-call. It’s a business opportunity perfect for parents who want to make a side income while their baby rests near them in the comfort of their studio.

4. Children’s Book Writer

Lastly, parents with small toddlers can work on creating their own stories and books for children. This business opportunity can feel natural to any parent who can make up bedtime stories for their own children. They can simply write down these stories and send them to publishers who will pay them for each piece. Parents can make a side income with this business model as many book publishers are actively producing content for children. You can even go a further step and design your own artwork if you have a hand for drawing or illustrating.

Parents have many business opportunities like these that can become a steady source of income—all they need is a bit of inspiration.


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The modern age in humankind is full of the daily hustle-bustle. The daily chores, the everyday job, pending bills, and many more make our lives harder. The present coronavirus pandemic has only made it worse. The economic loss and personal losses were huge in the last year. A study by the Pew Research center shows that more than 20% of households in the United States of America know someone who lost their job due to the pandemic. The country was severely hit in terms of personal lives, as the United States of America had more than 6,00,000 deaths due to the coronavirus pandemic

The stress levels are at an all-time high, and many turn to ways to reduce them. Studies indicate that nearly 28 out of 100 adults smoke in America, making it one of the most popular choices in Americans. The reward is the nicotine rush, a way to relax your nerves. The risks are severe, as smoking can cause severe diseases. They can include cancer, lung inflammation, and several complications related to the mouth and other respiratory organs. Research by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention counts more than 450,000 deaths in the United States of America in a year. It is due to the tobacco inside the cigarettes. The other safer alternative is vaping. The trend is quite popular, and the market has expanded in the past decade. Vaping has a large consumer base in most countries in the world. Study shows that two in forty Americans have tried vaping at least once in their life. Vaping is safe and more flexible than smoking. Smoking can only have tobacco inside whereas vape juice can contain flavors of fruits and vegetables. The new trend is CBD vape pens from https://cbdfx.com/collections/cbd-vape-pens/, and they have CBD as vape juice inside them.


CBD or Cannabinol comes from the leaves of the Sativa plant. The small plant is cheap and requires minimal water to grow. The extraction process is easy, making CBD a popular choice among the adults of the country. CBD as a vape juice seems to be the choice of this generation as it generates thick fumes. The taste and potency are just right for the consumer. CBD vape juice can contain Hemp, CBD, THC, and other mixing ingredients. The THC content is less than 0.3%, making it approved by the Food and Drugs Association in the United States of America.


Vaping is possible only with suitable apparatus. The popular choice seems to be the vaping kit, having more than three parts. It generates fumes, which can go inside the nasal cavity for use. Vaping kits are available in various types, depending on the amount of fumes they produce. Vape pens are a more portable version of vaping kits. They have the same qualities and make better quality fumes. The batteries in vape pens last from two to five, depending on the type of pen you have with you.


There are several benefits of using CBD in your favorite vape pen, and some of them are-

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are often interrelated. Long-term constant tension can lead to various stages of stress. It can be due to deadlines, family problems, and problems related to your professional life. The extract in the CBD fumes through vape pens interact with the neural receptors of the brain. It helps the user to relax and reduces stress. Reduced stress and anxiety can improve your physical and mental health at the same time.


Improved Sleeping cycle

It can be tough to sleep in the present times. The pandemic has hit us hard. Many fail to fall asleep, and some oversleep. Both are not good for your physical health. A balanced sleep cycle is critical for maintaining your productivity. The Hemp extract in the fumes of CBD interacts with the receptors present in the brain. It helps the user to sleep early. The THC in CBD vape juice can induce trance in the consumer, further helping them sleep. Vape pens provide a safer alternative for your sleeping troubles.

No Severe Side effects

CBD in vape pens combines as a safer option than the other options present in the market. The extract in CBD is organic, ensuring that there are no severe side effects on the consumer. Chemical-based products and tobacco are notorious for causing severe complications in the consumer. Vape pens are a much safer option, as the fumes do not cause any severe long-term side effects on the consumer. The short-term side effects may include dizziness at worst. The trait of being safer makes CBD in vape pens reliable. If in controlled doses, a consumer can rely on them as a safe bet.

Improved Lifestyle

Both physical and mental health equally contribute to one’s well-being. The balance between the two plays a critical role in improving the lifestyle of an individual. CBD in vape pens can be the perfect way to ensure that you give equal importance to physical and mental well-being. The extract in the CBD vape juice mixes with the consumer’s bloodstream and helps them instill calmness in their life. The Hemp extracts help the individual to improve their mental health by reducing anxiety and stress. It also helps in decreasing the depressive instances in individuals. They all combine to uplift the mental health of the consumer.


BAMBOO- Facts Behind The Fiber

BAMBOO- Facts Behind The Fiber

BAMBOO- Facts Behind The Fiber


Bamboo is considered a naturally organic and the fastest growing plant in the world. This eco-friendly plant requires no pesticides, no fertilizers, and needs a small amount of water to survive. Not only can it be used as a replacement for plastic and wood, but it can also be converted into fabrics as well. With the growing trend of sustainable fashion, now the bamboo fabric is gaining popularity as one of the best sustainable options in the fashion world. A popular Australian fashion brand Bamboo Monkey realized the true potential of this organic fiber way back and focused on promoting sustainable fashion. They started with selling bamboo socks and later on introduced a sustainable apparel line as well. Nowadays, more brands are opting for the concept of eco-friendly clothing.


Bamboo- An Eco-friendly and Sustainable Farming Option


Bamboo is capable of growing up to three to four feet a day. Besides that, the bamboo plant releases up to 35% more oxygen as compared to other similar plants. With this kind of fast growth, the bamboo plant matures within 7-8 years. It has got a vast root network that keeps on sprouting new shoots. Hence, it does not need replanting. This further helps in improving soil quality and prevents soil erosion. Owing to all these mentioned facts, bamboo farming is always considered eco-friendly for the environment. Owing to all these facts, growing bamboo is considered sustainable for the environment. Due to the softness of the fiber and the smooth flowing gentle drape, bamboo has gained a lot of recognition in the fashion world. The fashion industry is wreaking havoc between the processes to create merchandise and the accumulated waste when it gets tossed, so companies and consumers are interested in improving these environmental issues.


Bamboo Fabrics- Innovative Trends


Bamboo is often compared with cotton. From cotton towels to lightweight, comfy t-shirts, this fiber has been associated with quality, comfort, and sustainability for a long time. Unlike synthetic ones such as polyester and viscose rayon, cotton is a completely natural fiber and biodegradable. With cotton planting, a lot of ethical issues arise when it comes to production. Cotton farming requires a high use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides that seep into the soil and pollutes the water supplies. Cotton farming also requires a considerable amount of water. For instance, a simple shirt and a pair of trousers can take up to 15,000 liters of water, ten years of drinking water.


Moreover, bamboo fabrics naturally absorb excess moisture from the skin. So, they are considered apt for summer wear. It also prevents foul odor because of the natural antimicrobial properties. This is the reason people love Bamboo Monkey socks as they are sweat absorbent and super comfy. It takes less time to dry as compared to cotton fabric. Not only socks but also bamboo towels, bedsheets, and floor mats have picked up market trends.


While there are many people with preferences for cotton fiber, bamboo fiber is overall considered more sustainable for the environment and much better for health. Due to the inbuilt hypoallergenic properties and less need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides, it is better for people having sensitive skin, like an infant or the elderly. With the right way of bamboo plantation and mechanical processing techniques, the organic clothing fabrics from Bamboo Monkey are an ideal choice for sustainable fashion lovers.

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BAMBOO- Facts Behind The Fiber