2022 Fiat Panda
(image credit: autoexpress.co.uk)

The all-new Fiat Panda is expected to hit the market in 2022, joining the all-electric Fiat 500

After years of investment by the Italian brand, according to Fiat boss Olivier François, “the relentless focus on cost will be at the heart of creating the new model, as it was when Panda was discovered in the 1980s.”

This means that the key elements, such as the number of colors will be very limited but its personalization can be done between the side wraps, as seen in the picture.

Speaking to the British automotive website autoexpress, Fiat’s chief said they had tried to keep Panda’s name and character: “There will be a future for Panda as an icon,” he said.

Panda will be the most ‘naked’ version at an incredible price.” So yes, I want the future of Panda, because I think that’s what made Fiat so unique. There is no Fiat as a whole if there is no Panda of 500 “, he added.

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