VW Golf GTI Mk8
The new Golf GTI Mk8 with over 280 horsepower

GTI has been in the market for four decades, with the eighth generation to be added

Volkswagen is the largest car dealer at affordable prices, but the German manufacturer does not forget its legendary models, such as the Golf GTI.

The new GTI model has undergone endless modifications and the next model will be the most advanced and powerful ever.

The Golf will use the existing but advanced 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine, which after the update will produce over 280 hp.

The biggest change to the new GTI compared to the old Mk8 is that it will only be sold as a five-door model.

The price of the current model is around 33,000 euros, but with the new model it is expected that this price will increase due to updates.

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