Sleep is essential to your life, and getting plenty of sleep can set the tone for your whole day.  Not getting enough sleep can also set the tone, but it typically makes for a much more complicated and irritable day. 

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Your mind and body need time to heal and recuperate from the comings and goings of the day.  Just as you need a balanced diet, your body needs a balance of sleep.  

Take a moment to read through a brief summary, featuring a few ways in which you can promote your body to have a good night’s sleep.  

Put down your smartphone

Your brain needs time to wind down before you go to bed, and playing on your smartphone isn’t a good way to achieve that goal.  It’s best to set your devices down at least an hour before you fall asleep.  

The same hour should be respected as you wake up.  When you sleep with fewer distractions, you sleep more sound.  Don’t let the hustle and bustle of the digital realm cheat you of a good night’s sleep.  

Don’t drink caffeine close to bedtime

For at least two hours before you are to lay down for sleep, you should cut yourself off from caffeine.  It’s not uncommon for people to nurture a strong addiction to caffeine, but cutting back will help you sleep more comfortably throughout the night.  

Go to the restroom before sleeping

If you have to pee in the middle of the night, your sleep is unnecessarily disrupted.  You can easily rectify the situation with a little preventative maintenance. Go to the potty before you lay your head down, and you will likely not have the interruption of using the restroom at 3am every night.  

Invest in a great bed 

A good quality bed is a foundational aspect of great quality sleep.  It’s worth the money you’ll spend to have a bed that makes you revel in your ability to reach dreamland.  Do some research, and take your time finding a bed. You can find a great deal with enough patience.  

Add plants to the room 

Adding plants to your bedroom will promote healthy sleep.  Plants are excellent natural air filters, and greenery is said to be a contributing factor to a vibrant dream life.  Add two or three plants to your bedroom, and sleep in a happier place.  

Take melatonin to sleep more sound

Melatonin is a completely natural promoter of sleep, and it’s not a dangerous way to boost your snooze.  Take melatonin as a part of your nighttime regimen, and you’ll catch a few more zzz’s along your journey.  

Drink hot chamomile tea 

Chamomile tea is another way to naturally promote quality.  The only time chamomile tea is a bad idea is if you have a specific allergy or you are pregnant.  Chamomile can cause expectant mothers to lose the baby, so stay away from this relaxing drink when you’re growing a new life. 


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