Windows 10 has a bad surprise for millions of users

Windows 10 continues to be a danger zone. Not only have the problem been stacked in recent weeks, but Microsoft has begun to question even the most important operating system services.

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The company has already warned millions of users for another problem. Microsoft said millions of Windows 10 users who have installed the latest KB4501375 update can unleash out of function the “Remote Access Connection Manager (RASMAN) function.”

How unheard of it may be for you, in fact this function can cause serious consequences. The main one is VPN. RASMAN manages the way Windows 10 connects to the Internet and is a key feature for VPN services to function normally.

Because using VPN but increasing day by day from online privacy to accessing Netflix and YouTube libraries, the function has the potential to influence how you use your computer.

Microsoft says only users of the Windows 10 version 1903 are affected, which is the latest version of the platform. This version has been installed by 50 million users despite 800 million users running the operating system.

Microsoft has released a solution but complex as it does not have a fixed date when an update will fix this problem.

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