Samsung Exynos 880

Designed for smartphones priced at $300-$400

Samsung unveiled a new processor for mid-range smartphones, the Exynos 880 model, and has the power of last year’s most potent Exynos 980 processor that was used in the company’s best smartphones.

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The Exynos 880 is built on the FinFET processor with 8-nanometer architecture and has an integrated 5G modem that supports download speeds up to 2.55Gbps and uploading at 1.28Gbp. It even incorporates technology that combines 4G and 5G mobile networks to deliver speeds of up to 3.55Gbps.

Inside are hidden 6 ARM Cortex-A76 cores clocked at 2Ghz and six Cortex-A55 low-frequency cores clocked at 1.55Ghz. Mali-G76 MP5 integrated graphics can withstand Full HD+ screens. The processor supports LPDDR4X technology of RAM memory and UFS 2.1 of internal memory.

The biggest difference between the Exynos 880 and last year’s flagship is the support for limited 64-megapixel cameras. Video recording can be done at 30fps in 4K. Finally, this processor is designed for smartphones priced at $300-$400.

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