Dell Latitude 5400 Chromebook Enterprise and Dell Latitude 5300 2n1 Chromebook Enterprise were born as a result of the new agreement between Dell and Google.

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These models are based on existing Dell Latitude line laptops in addition will come with Chrome OS. Aside from the Chrome logo on the keyboard and the new operating system, the laptops are identical in appearance to cousins ​​on Windows.

They have the same black design, comfortable keyboards however instead of the Windows button you will see the Chrome Lagunage button. The 5300 2n1 and 5400 have 13- and 14-inch screens respectively with both Full HD resolutions.

Coming with the 8th generation of Intel’s Core i7 processors, they are the first Chromebooks with 32GB of DDR4 RAM and 1TB of enterprise-class SSD. Laptops can be equipped with LTE wireless and internet up to 450Mbps on the go. Along with the new laptops Google introduced an Enterprise update for Chrome OS.

Dell Latitude Enterprise laptops start at $699 for 5400 and $819 for 5300 2n1. They will be on sale from August 27th.

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