Huawei leaves behind Apple, the second best-selling in the world

Huawei seems to have reached a historic record, leaving behind Apple and becoming the second best-selling smartphone in the world.

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Chinese smartphone manufacturers has sold about 54 million phones in the last quarter, 40 percent more compared to the same period last year.

This amount of “smart” phones sold is enough not only to beat Apple but also to narrow the gap with market leader Samsung. The latter has sold more than 70 million phones in the last quarter, marking a 10 percent drop compared to the same period last year.

Huawei’s continued growth is impressive, according to experts, since he could enter and go to the top, in markets where until recently his name was unknown.

Huawei has climbed to second place despite being virtually excluded from the world’s largest economy. Chinese smartphone and telecom equipment manufacturer has been hindered in the US, mainly due to officials’ concerns that its technology can be used by the Chinese government to collect secret data.

Huawei has repeatedly denied that its products pose a security risk. In 2017, Huawei had told CNN that it was aiming to become number one in the “smartphone” industry.

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