The iPhone 9 seems that will be very problematic! Here's the reason

Apple is known for the premium quality it offers on its own devices. The iPhone dominates the smartphones list and of course quality has to do a lot. It seems that the old tradition may break this year.

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The iPhone 9 seems that will be very problematic! Here’s the reason

The iPhone 8 will be replaced with a new economic iPhone that will be like iPhone X but will have an LCD screen. This smartphone is expected to be as good as any other Apple product, but some of the parts manufacturers for the device are not very optimistic.

Sharp, a Japanese company that manufactures screens and has supported Apple shares since the first iPhone, claims that what the American company requires is unrealizable for the moment.

It is communicated to us that Apple has demanded LCD monitors with bezzels from 1 to 0.5 mm, but according to Sharp such screens are likely to be defective so the iPhone 0 production has slowed down and could be postponed until November.

If you want to buy the iPhone 9, wait until the news comes to is problematic or not. It is also worth mentioning that Intel’s modems are slower than those of Qualcomm and Apple’s choice will make the iPhone continue to have lower Internet speeds than rivals (especially Samsung now having a modem twice faster).

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