Intel's secret plan means trouble for new AMD Ryzen processors

You might think that the only way Intel can deal with the third-generation AMD Ryzen processor remains 10-nanometer architecture but you’re wrong.

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The company has not yet abandoned the 14-nm processors and according to recent information Intel has prepared some new models. Intel plans a full of 13 processors “Comet Lake” including a 5.2Ghz version with 10 Core, Core i9-10900KF.

The latter will have massive 5.2Ghz frequency for only one core when 4.6Ghz for all cores, or 500Mhz more than the AMD Ryzen 9 3900X.

The prize will be the key to success. The Intel processor is expected to cost $499, just as much as the Ryzen 9 3900X. However a disappointment may be the processor socket that will be new, the LGA 1159. This means that the current boards do not support these new Intel processors. From two generations, Cofee Lake processors have been operating at LGA 1151.

Finally, and perhaps the most important information is the number of processes – threads – that will have the 13 new processors. All are expected to have double the predecessor’s core and Intel has decided to activate hyper-threading for all 14-nm +++ products.

It would be great news in the battle against AMD. Recall that Core i5-9600K and Core i7-9700K had high performance while using cores but not threads “lagging behind AMD. The move is expected to increase multi-process performance and increase frequency that can prove fatal to AMD Ryzen 3.

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